Tuesday, August 14, 2018


I posted this back in January when i was trying to figure out what i wanted to put above the coffee bar.

i started collecting baskets when i saw some basket walls on Pinterest.
I asked my hubby what he thought and he wasn't all the crazy about it.
he wanted to do another Bible verse sign and liked one that i showed him that i wanted for above the piano.

the one i wanted for above the piano was one that i would have to make and it was large scale. i didn't want something that large here but thought i could make it smaller and was fine with it for above the coffee station even though i really wanted to hang the baskets and had them. 

i started talking to him about the size of the signs and the look and he said you know what, just do the baskets. i see you have them so just go with that. 
sweet, i was going to get my baskets after all . yay!

I laid them all out of the floor and then started using small nail to hang them. i sent this picture to my mom to let her know that i was getting started on it.

i hung that small basket and towel holder first (to the right of the coffee pot)

a different angle and more added

after i got all of them up i realized that one of my favorites was sitting on the table and i missed hanging it up. 
I asked little girl to hold it for me to so that i could send the picture to mom and my sister for thoughts.

mom said that she thought that it was too many baskets. she didn't realize that i so many collected.
i stepped back and looked at it and tried to start rearranging. 
we went though a few moves until i got to where i liked it.
my grandmother was visiting my mom so mom showed her the photos and she gave her suggestions too.

i landed here with all of them and mom said that she thought i should put some space between all of them. to keep them in the same places but spread out just a bit.

i spread them out and sent her this picture. she said it looked great and then came back with well maybe the long one needed to come down a bit. by that point it was later in the evening and the kids were asleep and i was ready to chill so i waited.

the next morning i pulled it down some and snapped a picture and sent it to her.
yay for finally having something over the coffee cart and i am still loving it a week later.

Friday, August 10, 2018


Decades ago I took dance. I took it for years and then stopped and in high school made the dance team all four years. I wondered if having a girl would mean dance. I never enrolled her at 3 or 4 or 5 and by then she had her own thoughts and ideas of what she'd like to do and we were fine with that. Just this year she asked about dance. I was thrilled but had to remind her of the commitment that it was. We spent the whole summer asking if she was sure and every time she came back with, Yes. She was. 
Of course she also wants to do art and piano and baking/cooking. One thing at a time little girl 

Side note: she wanted a new bag because mine had my name on it. I told her it was now hers. I'd put her name on it and it was "vintage" 
She saw it today with her name in silver paint pen and loved it. 
I love that my mom saved special things from our childhood. Sometimes I don't know what to save. 
Can I just box it all up and save forever?

first day of dance....she was ready

Tuesday, August 07, 2018


I have a hashtag on instagram called #andyfirstdays
it is all the kids school first days since i have been on ig.

today i took photos with their school signs and then asked them what they wanted to do for a picture.
this is what Golden boy chose
#dab (of course)

this is what Little girl did

I have a 5th grader and a 3rd grader
It seems like just yesterday Golden boy was a 3rd grader.
School by the numbers:
2 kiddos
2 home room teachers
1 is the same teacher as last year (we are pretty thrilled about this)
3 teacher changes for my oldest
1 hearing impaired teacher
1 speech therapist
1 gifted teacher
2 kids upstairs
1 kids last year in elementary
this is such a big and exciting year
bring is 2018-2019

school days through the years
oh my goodness 2014. my baby.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Looking Back July Edition

We tried to squeeze every bit we could out of July. With school starting back in early August and my hubby going back to work mid July we wanted to have a good fun July to finish off the summer. A lot of July I specifically posted about so i will just add links to some of these photos.

We started of July with Little girl getting to read a verse in both contemporary services at church. I posted about it here.

my hubby and i were able to take a quick date to our favorite Mexican restaurant for a margairta

we celebrated the 4th with family and friends at the front of the neighborhood to watch the fireworks.
last year we watched them over the Washington Monument
This year it was over the Space and Rocket Center

The next day we dropped the kids off with each set of grandparents and headed to Destin for a few days. I posted about it here.

This guy got his 3rd pair of hearing aids.

We also celebrated him turning 11 with a family swimming party and a fishing cake that he picked out and designed. I posted about his actual birthday day here.

Little girl got to attend a painting event with some friends from school. They painted a mermaid tail and did a pretty great job. we will for sure be attending another class next summer. she loved it.

Golden boy had never seen the Original Jurassic Park so we watched it with him 

we played with some fun face filters that are on my phone first

and he held onto this Lego Raptor through the whole movie

The kids did WinShape Camp again this year. It was Golden Boys 4th year and Little Girls 2nd.

Golden boy say the Incredibles 2 with my parents earlier this summer but said that he would want to see it again if we all went and we have been waiting for a squeal for years, as i am sure everyone else as been too. So we went to see it and loved it. i hoped to get a family selfie but managed to snap this one when we were leaving.

A local Orthodontist office rented out a trampoline park and our office was invited so we attended and had "the best time ever." ~Little girls words

We ended the last weekend in July with a trip to the Lake.
We caught the train at the exit that we take. When Golden boy was tiny, catching the train was the best part of his day.

Little girl couldn't wait to get out on the tube when we got there.

my social butterfly and her Bear

i got on the tube with them. it was fun

my momma and me

when we left the lake we went to spend one night with my sister.
there was cartoon watching......

super hero uniting.....

Popsicle and all the snack eating, swimming.....

and me watching this beautiful-ness unfold. 
i wrote about this photo over on instagram. this is what i said:
I'm going to admit that I am not the best at teaching the kids how to do some things. It's easier for me to just say, I'll do it myself and do it. It's something I am working on being better at. 
I'm hoping it just comes naturally for him. It appears to at times. Today his little cousin wanted to know how to load the nerf bullets. Sawyer patiently sat there and showed him the button to press to release the cartridge. He unloaded the bullets and showed him how they go in and how to load the cartridge. I was smiling at how sweet and kind he was being. I want to be more like him and take time to teach instead of just doing. It's a process that I am trying to learn. 

Books read this month:

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Kitchen Update

the label 2016 flood will take you to all the posts from when we had the house flood an the kitchen remolded. 
there were two parts that we didn't get completed.
one of them was the back splash. it wasn't something that we had initially so we knew that any back splash would all be out of pocket and that it would be something that we could do later, when we wanted to.
the other thing was a decision about putting the Smokey Joe back in. 
 we  had multiple people tell us that we could not put the original one anywhere else in the house but exactly where it was before. sure we could have gotten a smaller pad for it but to relocate it was out of the question. we could relocate a newer model but not the original. after the project was completed and the Smokey Joe was removed we loved how open the space was. so for the last year and a half we have had this pipe hanging out of the ceiling. i hate that this is the only photo that we have of the pipe. it is much bigger that the picture looks.

we made the decision this summer to have someone come and remove the pipe and then we had someone else come and do that sheet rock work and then paint the area, as well as some sheet rock work in the living room.

we had the smoke stack and ring removed. 

the roof had to be repaired.

so there was a piece coming out of the roof (smoke stack)
there was a piece in the house (black ring)
and then when he removed the inside piece there was a piece between the two and it was nailed into the wood studs in the attic
it was nailed with 12 pretty long some rusty nails. it was a long and loud process for the guy who did it and i think he was surprised that he had to get it out but he did it.

we knew that they weren't going to be able to sheet rock it so he just put a piece of plywood over the hole. when i head a spray can i thought, "what is he spray painting?" i looked in and saw that he was spray painting the plywood white. i thought it was funny. it didn't really make it any less noticeable but sweet that he was considering that aesthetics.  

thankfully we didn't live another year and a half with the ceiling looking like that. it was about a week and we had another guy come out and patch and plaster one day. 

he sanded it the next day

and the last day he came back and primed and painted it

along with the kitchen we had some air vents in the living room that needed to be taken out (it was the last three from when the ac/heating unit was running through the attic)
we also had areas that we messed up patching ourselves and places where we covered a hole with white duck tape. 
YES! i know, crazy.

this was the patch work to fix the holes

we covered everything for sanding and painting day

here is is all painted. it looks fantastic. i am so glad that we had it done. we thought about putting 4 canned lights in here because that track lighting on the other side of the room is the only ceiling light. we do have a lamp too. we decided against it for now. we plan on replacing the track lighting because we just don't like it but we think the room gets plenty of light for the day time and usually we don't have the lights on in here at night and if we do the lamp is plenty.