Sunday, August 23, 2015

Adventure 34

adventures in allergy testing.
this has been the summer or rashes for me. it has not been fun but after my latest rash battle which turned out to be poison ivy (all over my body)
I decide to get an appointment with an allergist
they pricked my arms 45 times (then another prick of the control which was an histamine, because the first one did nothing)
then after that they did five more sticks to test for an allergy to cephalosporin's (which we thought was what I was allergic to after breaking out in a rash after both of my C-sections)
here is my arm of environmental tests.....I am allergic to grass (I was very upset by this, as I like to cut the grass sometimes, and haven't been able to in the last few weeks because I have been dealing with all of these rashes and such) then dust mites and rag-weed.
the nurse did assure me that I could still cut grass as long as I wore a mask (I hate wearing a mask but I guess I will now, and took a shower right after (always do) and then did a saline spray)
this is my food allergy arm after a day or so.
thank goodness I have no food allergy.
I told the nurse that I was thrilled to hear no food allergies, that would be difficult news (I really enjoy food)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Adventure 33

i never knew that baby teeth could be so emotional
Golden Boy's tooth #N has been loose for weeks.
i got this picture of him last week, anticipating that the tooth would just fall out one day. he was struggling with the idea of me pulling it, even though it was so ready and he had let me try a few times and i have pulled most of his other teeth.

this would be his 5th baby tooth to come out
5 FIVE 5! tiny teeth that are not in his body anymore and are being replaced by these big adult ones. i don't like these adult teeth that are taking over my tiny boy's body.

so earlier this week he was ready
it was ready (i mean it had been ready for weeks now)
but he gave the go and he let me pull it
he is so cute and tiny

Monday, August 10, 2015

Adventure 32

Adventure in my last full day with my girl before she started Kindergarten
i can't believe that we are here. it feels like she was just born and she is now in kindergarten.
she started with some tablet time while i got a shower

some twirling in the kitchen

we went shopping for a paint pen to decorate her school bag with and she found these cute glasses and struck a pose and said mommy take my picture
from there we went to target for icees

coke for me.......yum yum.....she had a mixture of blue raspberry and pink lemonade

and a cookie of course

we went to hobby lobby and she saw this pretty dress and wanted a picture

after we had lunch we called granny and asked her if she wanted to go with us to get steel city pops with us
granny got lime, little girl got chocolate

and i had the blueberry basil

adventure 24 was about steel city pops and all of the flavors that i wanted to try. check out the updated list 

Friday, August 07, 2015

Canoe Trip

A few weeks ago we had some friends mention that they were taking their boys on a canoe trip and wanted to see if anyone was interested in going. we had never taken our kids canoeing before (and we had both canoed as kids) so we decided to do it.
here we are going down one of the rapids.

I have to say that it took be a bit to get comfortable with the fact that we may indeed flip over but that we would be fine if we did.
here is am with one of the JCrew boys watching their mommy and daddy do one of the bigger rapids. he was so cute and kept saying "you can do it mommy and daddy" and then when they made it through, "mommy and daddy didn't flip!"
Here they are as they are about to go through the rapid (picking up some speed)
here they are going right into it. every boat had to be bailed after going through this rapid.
the four older kids
the W's. they wanted to do a little hot tubbin'
(the water was so  not hot, but it was a perfect day and felt wonderful)
our whole group
it was so much fun
we stopped at this spot to eat lunch and some of the kids went for a dunk and jumped and they climbed rocks.
The G's
Thank you "W" family for remember to bring a camera and capturing such great pictures. it was such a fun day.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

First Day of Second Grade

I mean this just happened yesterday so how can we at the first day of 2nd grade
this year will be awesome. can't wait to watch as he learns and grows

Tuesday, August 04, 2015


Listening.............. My favorite Pandora Station right now is the Wallin Jenny's Station

Eating.....................well I am not eating bread which is killing me. just about everything else it permissible (maybe?) in the morning, water the rest of the day and juice at some point. I wish it was more romantic or exciting like wine or a margarita but alas this is all.

Wearing..............anything that keeps me from itching since I am currently experiencing the result of coming in contact with poison ivy and my body is now covered in a rash and pretty much everything that I a wear is itchy. at the moment it is scrub pants and a soft tshirt


Weather..............HOT HOT and more HOT which just makes me more itchy


Needing...............some itch relief (I know it looks like this whole currently post is all about itching but that is currently what is going on with me.) I am hopeful that next  month will look better.  

Thinking................about Disney

Enjoying................all of the books that I am reading and that I have stacked up ready to read
books by my bedside Fringe Hours, The Best Yes, Hoot, and I just got an email that One More Wish should be coming soon

Reading................I am currently reading For the Love by Jen Hatmaker, Grace for the Good Girl by Emily P Freeman, Sarah's Key

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Adventure 31

adventures in nature
we have a beautiful botanical gardens in our area and I try and take the kids every summer because they get free passes through the bank
this year the goal was to go to see the Lego exhibit that came in the spring.
I kept pushing it back until we got to the point that it was the last day of the exhibit and we still had not been. (procrastinators for sure, we usually aren't like that)
our sweet neighbor gave my hubby and I free passes as well so it was a completely free outing for us
I was amazed buy the Lego creations that were there.

one of our favorite places in the garden is the hammock section. little girl curled up with me in a hammock. it was so nice and relaxing

since "What does the Fox say?" song came out, foxes as been a pretty fun animal in our family. love this fox and bunny
my pretty little girl
notice the sticker on her nose.
we had just been visiting with friends and one of the ladies has a nose ring. little girl has wanted to get her ears pierced for a while. we just need to take her and do it. she puts stickers on her ears like crazy. after visiting with our friends she noticed her nose ring. so little girl decided to sick one of her stickers on her nose. it is cute but I told her that she would not be getting nose ring. she just cracks me up.

"in open fields of wild flowers!"
while we were there we got trapped under a  gazebo for about 15 min in a rain storm. it was  really nice break to just sit and relax and of course it cooled everything off.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

One more week

is it possible?
can it be that in only one week you will be starting kindergarten?
how did we get here?
i remember in hospital when i first saw your face.
when the wheeled me by the nursery and i watched them bathe you.
when they swaddled you up and you looked over at me in this picture.
i remember when they first placed you in my arms.
it was longer than i was expecting.
seemed like hours since you had been born but you were finally placed in my arms and you fit perfectly (and you still do).
it doesn't matter how big you get you always seem to fit right in my arms.
i can't believe that i get to be your mom.
i can't believe that in a week you will be going to kindergarten. (have i said that?)

thank you Pixel Me Photography for these great back to school pictures of my girl. 
i cherish them so much.

so much personality and sass in this one tiny body. life is never predictable with this one. it drives me crazy but i also love it too.