Thursday, October 08, 2015

Adventure 40

puts us right in the middle of our Disney World trip.
oh what fun we had too.
this is the first family picture we took while we were there so I am posting this one but know that I am hoping to post more pictures of the trip in days to come.
such exciting times
such a great place
people I love
adventures and fun had
ready for next time

Thursday, October 01, 2015


When he first got his hearing aids we were still in shock from the news. we have taken everything in stride, therapies, new molds, new hearing aids
nothing though, prepared me for preparing him, for how to handle the questions about them.
I have to admit that I wasn't all that aware of children needing and wearing hearing aids until we were faced with the fact that Golden boy would indeed, need to wear hearing aids.
I mean hearing aids are for older people right? that was my thoughts on it all.
my how I was so wrong. and how vastly different hearing aids are from my stereotypical mindset of how they should be.
they are way better than I imagined but again being prepared for the questions.
let me state that I don't mind people asking but I have to also be honest at saying that I am mostly introverted and being asked what he has in his ears or what they are for and all, makes me uncomfortable, but I always try to answer and not be so shy about it.
I am not ashamed or anything about them but I sometimes get blank minded when asked questions about them.
since he first got them, over 5 years ago, I see children and adults with hearing aids or cochlear implants all the time.
  the first couple of times he was asked he never responded. I realized that we needed to talk to him about what to say because maybe, just maybe he was coming up blank like I was.
if I was around I would usually answer for him. but them I realized that he was going to eventually get asked when I wasn't around and he  needed to know how to respond.
we told him to tell people that ask him about them that, "they are his hearing aids and that they help him to hear."
sometimes I would even go so far as teaching him to say something like, "do your either of your parents wear glasses? that helps them see just like these help me hear."
or if the kid themselves wears glasses, "they are my hearing aids and they help me to hear just like you glasses help you to see."
most kids are just curious and completely innocent about it all.  I love that kids are not afraid to ask the questions that they are curious about. (even thought sometimes if makes me go blank.)
my hubby captured this picture of him telling some boys at the hospital fun run about them right before the race.
I am so glad that he snapped this picture too. 
his hearing aids are going to be part of his life (even though it hunts me when he asks questions like, "am I going to have to wear these forever.")
he is growing up. he is able to answer some tough questions. he is a fun and happy and the friendliest kid I know. he loves big and i love him more then he could ever possible know.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Adventure 39

adventures in fun runs
the kids recently ran in a fun run for our local hospital to raise money for the pediatric cancer center (it pains me to write those word, children and cancer should not mix)
this was little girls first year to run the one mile race. we ran into some friends while we were there.

 she wanted me to run the race with her so we were getting our running faces on, as always hers is way cuter (I am SO ok with that) I mean seriously, look at that girl. she is precious.

she ended up starting the race all the way up front with the rest of the girls. I was eventually able to find her and we ran some and walked some together. she was ready to give up but I kept encouraging her to finish. we ended up running a bit of the race with her cousin who was upset just like little girl was and little girl was very sweet to encourage her younger cousin to finish the race. they even help hands some. it was very sweet. she finished with her younger cousin a bit after 12 minuets

this was golden boys second year to run the race. I wish I could remember his time last year. here he is lined up and ready to go (the white boy in the tank top, that's him)

passing his cheering crowd
coming in the home stretch. I don't know if he ever walked but he make his mile in right at 8 minuets. it was so impressed and so happy for him
both of them did so well
I am one proud mamma

Saturday, September 26, 2015


the lighting was great, but i didn't know it until i snapped my first picture.
i just wanted a picture with my girl.
i also didn't know she had made this face.
i know

we took another

and another

and another

a series of photos just me and her

i love them all

then because of the great lighting, i had my hubby snap some

i think i like the close up, silly ones better

but just glad to have pictures with me in them, memories made with my girl and giggles.

oh and we are letting her bangs grow out (her idea) that is why they are so long.
it is killing me to let her grow them out. I love her bangs!
they are insanely awesome, naturally chunky (they just grew that way)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Daddy Daughter

remember I mentioned some really cute daddy/daughter pictures from our camping trip here
well here they are
he was soaking his back in the really cold water and she was wanting to sit by him but wasn't sure that she wanted to actually sit in the really cold water
she made it in but you can tell that it was really cold

and the water was so strong that it kept pushing her and he had to hold on to her

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Last two days

So the guy didn't show up last Thursday or Friday and i figured that he would be here over the weekend either
before i pulled out of the driveway i wanted to snap one more shot of our front porch and pole. I am glad that i did because there were guys there that afternoon finishing the siding around the house and under the front porch

here is a shot of under the front porch

here is a before and after of the ugly side of the house, now turned pretty

here is the pole after yesterday, when it was installed

and here is the before and after and the pole. i thought that the pole was going to be a square but it ended up being round. i like it though. it looks so good. all of it

Monday, September 21, 2015

Adventure 38

Adventures in camping.
Oh how i love camping.
tent or cabin i love it all. 
i am hoping to love camper/rv camping one day but for now we have yet to find want we want in a camper for the price
my father in law bought us this percolator for coffee when camping.
this was the second time we have used it and still haven't gotten the hang of it but it gives us coffee regardless. 

the kids love camping too.
this time we were in a cabin (with no bathroom) here they are coming out Saturday morning. i wish we had moved the boxes that have all of our stuff but the picture is really cute of them.

(there were eggs too, and cinnamon rolls) it was a great breakfast

there is a swimming pool at the campground and the kids always want to go swimming. we brought all the stuff but they didn't last long. as sunny as it was it was chilly.

the hubby went to the sweet shop and found this: not a candy apple (my fave), not a caramel apple but a fudge covered apple. (yum)

at one point we headed to the river for some exploring, relaxing, climbing and rock throwing.
Golden boy remembered catching fish last time and tried again, but with no net it was difficult. he gets a gold star for trying, an A+ for effort. he is such a hard worker

he took a break from fishing to climb with daddy

she wanted too as well. (here she is trying to cross)

so i have this compilation of photos of her and my hubby. they are great. i will save them for another post but here is one of them 

we found a rock that marked on other rocks.
she was writing her name of course

back to fishing, papa went to get some bread to help

we were looking for pretty rocks

Granny, can you see me?

this little area is usually filled with water flowing into the river. it was all dried up but still beautiful. in may when we go back it will for sure be full

the campground that we go to has bingo that is always fun

i love our life's adventures with these people