Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Books Read in 2019...

My 2019 list of 65 books
One of the goals I had this year was reading though the alphabet. I almost completed it. The letters that I missed were K, V and X.

The Black Moon-Winston Graham
A Proper Proposal-Lynn Austin
The Four Swans-Winston Graham
The Angry Tide-Winston Graham
Legacy of Mercy-Lynn Austin
The Great Alone-Kristin Hannah
Four Winds-Lisa Tawn Bergren
I Capture the Castle-Dodie Smith
I'd Rather be Reading-Anne Bogel
Court of Thorns and Roses-Sarah Maas
Disenchanted-Heide Goody and Iain Grant
Saving Lucas Biggs-Marisa de los Santos and David Teague
When We Were Young-Karen Kingsbury
The Next Right Thing-Emily P Freeman
In Conclusion, Don't Worry About It-Lauren Graham
Ready Player One-Ernest Cline
The Ensemble-Aja Gabel
Every Breath-Nicholas Sparks
Autumn-Ali Smith
Best Family Ever-Karen Kingsbury
The Next Right Thing-Emily P Freeman (AGAIN)
Ballet Shoes-Noel Streatfiell
The Promise of Dawn-Lauraine Snelling
Point of View-Elizabeth Hasslebeck
A Breath of Hop-Lauraine Snelling
Becoming Us-Robin Jones Gunn
Daisy Jones and The Six-Taylor Jenkins Reid
Amy and Roger's Epic Detour-Morgan Matson
Little Fires Everywhere-Celeste Ng
Once Upon a River-Dianne Setterfield
You are Free-Rebekah Lyons
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day-Winifred Watson
Two Weeks-Karen Kingsbury
Winter Garden-Kristin Hannah
The Forgotten Road-Richard Paul Evans
To All the Boys I've Loved Before-Jenny Han
P.S. I Still Love You-Jenny Han
Reading People-Anne Bogel
Beholding and Becoming-Ruth Chou Simons 
The River-Peter Heller
Class Mom-Laurie Gelman
The Road Home-Richard Paul Evans
Field Notes on Love-Jennifer E Smith
The Sugar Queen-Sarah Addison Allen
The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise-Dan Gemeinhart (this one i started reading to Little girl in July and we finished it this month)
A Love Letter Life-Jeremy and Audrey Roloff
Things You Save in a Fire- Katherine Center
Zeroes by Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan, Deborah Biancotti 
Catching Christmas-Terri Blackstock
The Library Book-Susan Orlean
Parkland-Dave Cullen
Garden Spells-Sarah Addison Allen
Against All Grain-Danielle Walker
The Art of Racing in the Rain-Garth Stein
The Lager Queen of Minnesota-J. Ryan Stradal
A Fish in a Tree-Lynda Mullaly
Cinder-Marissa Meyer
Where the Crawdads Sing-Deila Owens
Unmarriagable-Soniah Kamal
Inheritance-Dani Shapiro
Educated-Tara Westover
I Think You're Wrong (but I'm Listening)-Sarah Steward Holland and Beth A Silvers
The Starless Sea-Erin Morganstern
Garden of Truth-Ruth Chou Simons
How Reading Changed My Life-Anna Quindlen
Noel Street-Richard Paul Evans

you can see last years book list here and at the bottom of this post, there is a link to all the previous years lists as well.

Top 10 book of 2019

Book posts may be my favorite 
My favorite to post about 
My favorite to read of others
Since 2004 I have recorded the books I've read in a small notebook.
In 2006 I started posting my book lists here on the blog.
Last year i made a post about what I planned on read the next year.
This year I am adding my top 10 for 2019 and will start posting that yearly, why, because I think it will be fun.

Monday, December 23, 2019

What I plan to read in 2020...

2018 had me creating my very first post like this. you can find it here.
2019 i made another list and added the ones from 2018 that i never got around to reading. I'm not doing that this year. I am just planning on choosing the ones that i would like to read and of course there are more that will be added into them over the next 52 weeks. 
Here are my 2020, "would like to read" books

31284532. sy475 This is the third in the Janie's series and i enjoyed the other two so very much. This one comes out in June of 2020 so it is for sure one that i want to get my hands on this year.

24331400The first book that i ever read by Maris de los Sanots was "Love Walked in" and it was my far one of my favorite books. This one was written with her husband and i read "Saving Lucas Briggs " last year.

Then i have a list of bookish books to read. you know, books about books.
28372019 23129712 17724811

Having a son on the brink of getting more into the digital world has me wanting to read these books, that have been on my to read list for a while.
30259180 32502495. sy475

A book to read with my daughter. there will probably be many more but this one is a definite.

Humorous book. there is nothing like laughing when you are reading. it is one of my favorite things. here are the books that i am hoping do just that.
17567767 31434883 42298087. sy475

Book i plan on starting in January
34460460. sx318  

Books recommended by people i know. I asked for some recommendations on facebook and these were some of the ones that i got
148775  10790290 60471 116054 35290423. sy475  16275056

Monday, December 02, 2019

Things I've Learned this Fall

want to participate in what you have learned this fall? hop on over to Emily P Freeman's blog and link up there.

1. Podcasts are my new favorite
some that i have been listening too this fall are:
The Next Right thing by Emily P Freemen
That Sounds Fun by Annie F Downs
Correct Options by Trey Kennedy

Which ones do you listen to?

2. Tea and Downton Abbey with friends is fabulous
My friend Kelly and I decided to host a tea before a group of us went to see the movie. It was such a fun time of treat and chatting with these ladies about all kinds of things. I am so glad we did this. 

3. Sunsets have become my favorite.
There has been so many amazing skies this fall. 
Here are a few:

4. my kids say the best and sweetest stuff. usually right after we had some rough moments. i don't have a for instance but just know that it does happen and it is the sweetest.

5. I'm not the only one who doesn't buy school pictures.

I posted this photo on my Instagram with the caption: Just curious....does anyone acutually order school pictures? 
There was alot of talk about school pictures and two people admitted to me now being alone in the NOT ordering school picture. Most of the time my kids are still pretty cute in the picture, it's just that the picture quality itself is awful. the one time i decided to buy the CD of the photo was when my oldest had a special photo taken in 5th grade because the next year he was going to be in 6th, new school, middle school. It was like a "graduation" type picture. It was terrible. not just the quality but my typically cute kid looked bad and the photographer didn't fix his collar. 

6.Sometimes days don't go as expected and that's ok. they can still be beautiful.

This was on my Instagram from this season: Today didn't go anything like I expected. Honestly I didn't have to many expectations but get the tiny humans to school, get to work, get them home safely and go on a date with my hubby.
An hour after her lunch period I realized that today was thanksgiving lunch at the school. This is the second to last year that I will get to have lunch with her for Thanksgiving or really any time and I missed it. 
I cried a few tears for sure. Tonight we chatted about the day. She didn't seem as torn up about me missing as much as I was, only that she was one of the final three standing in the spelling bee and only the final 2 get to advance, she was the 3rd to last.
I could have cried even more tears for her. Tears of sadness that she didn't advance as much as she had hoped, even though we didn't practice a single one, even though I had high hopes of practicing some with her, And tears of joy that my girl, was THE THIRD PERSON STANDING and had not studied one single word.
Best laid plans. Sometimes not #andyschoolthanksgivinglunch NOT #butjustassweet

Books Read in September:
Zeroes by Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan, Deborah Biancotti 
Catching Christmas by Terri Blackstock
The Library Book by Susan Orlean
Parkland by Dave Cullen
Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen
Against All Grain by Danielle Walker
The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein
The Lager Queen of Minnesota by J. Ryan Stradal
A Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly
Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Books Read in October:
Where the Crawdads Sing by Deila Owens
Unmarriagable by Soniah Kamal
Inheritance by Dani Shapiro
Educated by Tara Westover
I Think You're Wrong (but I'm Listening) by Sarah Steward Holland and Beth A Silvers
The Starless Sea by Erin Morganstern

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Beholding and Becoming

I had the great privilege to be a part of Ruth Chou Simons book Beholding and Becoming. My Goodread, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Christian book review said this: "Beholding and Becoming is physically and spiritually beautiful. It is not only filled with lovely artwork but with beautiful words that speak life and hope, real and truth, love, honesty and depth. Ruth has a way of weaving a story and His story together that is spectacular." 

I read the book fully the first time through in an ebook version. It was beautiful on my phone but then i got the copy in my hands and i was wowed. There is so much gorgeous art work and truthfilled words withing the cover of this book. I am currently re-reading the actual copy and there is so much in it that speaks to my heard daily.

Here is just a little snippet of what i mean.... 

Image may contain: flower and text

and here is another quote from the book that i jotted down in a notebook that i carry around with me: "...be trandformed, one everyday moment at a time."
Page 11
No photo description available.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Things I've Learned this Summer

1. after listening to 10 Things to tell you podcast #15 and watching Jamie B Golden's instagram stories on skincare, i decided to add this little bottle to my beauty regmine. There is alot that i was doing right and some that i needed to tweak and add. this being one of them. June 11th; Flagship Vitamin C.

2. I can grow things. I mean we have blueberry bushes and they have been relatively easy and i have a few indoor plants but i planted some zinnias from seeds around our mail box and they grew and bloomed and are so pretty.

3. I really missed camping. our last camping trip was April of 2018. we took the kids in June and had the best time. we did another white water rafting trip with the kids. you can see our first one here.

4. going on vacation with friends is so fun. why have we not done this more often?

5. I learn new things about my kids every day.
Unknowns can be scary. Little Girl is usually ready for an adventure and excited about life. She was quite a bit more nervous that we expected her to be. New Grade, New Teacher (like brand new to the school) 

6. That I am a enneagram 6. I took a test that told me i was but took another test that told me i was a 2w1. Then a friend mentioned Annie F Downs Podcast, That Sounds Fun and then enneasummer that she was doing. If you haven't listened to them and want to start, scroll down to one that has Suzanne Stabile. They were so good. One thing Suzanne Stabile says is that she doesn't really like the tests. she would suggest you reading about all of the enneagram numbers and then seeing what resonates with you or even more importantly what makes you feel uncomfortable. I read about #2 and #6 a bunch and the more i did, the more i leaned towards #6 being correct. I think i am a 6 wing 5. I plan on reading the book, The Road Back to You and then The Path Between Us. I just know that i want to have the time to read them and no other non-fiction in my presence to do it.

7. to plan my summer reading. a completely different friend, than the one above who mentioned the enneasummer podcast, told me about The Lazy Genius Collective Podcast-Summer Stack (episode #110). Where she mentioned that she had to make sure to plan her reading. Mine started with going through some books on my Goodreads account and looking at my to read lists and then taking some recommendations from Anne Bogel's book lists. This is what i started out as what i wanted to read this summer.

Books read in June:
Daisy Jones and The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson
Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng
Once Upon a River by Dianne Setterfield
You are Free by Rebekah Lyons
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day by Winifred Watson

Books read in July:
Two Weeks by Karen Kingsbury
Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah
The Forgotten Road by Richard Paul Evans
To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han
P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han
Reading People by Anne Bogel
Beholding and Becoming by Ruth Chou Simons

Books read in August:
The River by Peter Heller
Class Mom by Laurie Gelman
The Road Home by Richard Paul Evans
Field Notes on Love by Jennifer E Smith
The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen
The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise-Dan Gemeinhart (this one i started reading to Little girl in July and we finished it this month)
A Love Letter Life-Jeremy and Audrey Roloff
Things You Save in a Fire- Katherine Center

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Still not Finished, but Functional

the bathroom is still not finished, there are tiny details that are still needed, but it is functional and has been for quite a while and honestly that is all that matters at this point.

my hubby and i were roaming Lowes and came across this mirror. I waited for one from Magnolia Home to be back in stock, but the more that i thought about it i didn't think it would work right in the space even though i knew it would look amazing.

we came across this one and both liked it so it seemed like it was a no brainer.
it sat in the box in our room for 2 weeks before i decided to tackle putting it up. 
i don't know how it all happened and i wish i had timed it all but i got it put up with a quickness. i was shocked when i stepped back and saw it hanging. 

there were a couple of towel hooks that we liked but ultimately decided on this one. I didn't want to buy one until we had the mirror purchased and installed.
turns out it is perfect.

now to decide on some open shelving for over the toilet. i was thinking 3 but maybe just two. I measure the space and don't really want anything more than 16 inches long. I'm going to have to go shopping with my tape measure to find exactly what we want.(and to be honest we are 100% sure we know exactly what we want.)
but i know that when we find it we will love it and then the back of the toilet will stop being a catch all for all the things. 

Thursday, August 08, 2019

First Days

Yesterday was another first day for these kids. I can't believe i have a middle schooler.

All thing new for these two.
We made it out the door by 7am, had our first day of school breakfast of eggs and cinnamon rolls, tree guys showed up and there were no tears.
I managed to get them both to school and get to work in one hour and ten minuets.

afternoon carline was a different story

curious about other #andyfirstdays