Thursday, October 16, 2014


Golden boys new hearing aid molds.
we get new molds every 2-3months or so. this is nothing new for us. we used to pick orange and black stripes when he first got his hearing aids because he loved Tigger so much and we called them Tigger ears. there came a point where he started to choose the color himself. I wish I would have marked the date. we have all of his ear molds from the very beginning. I will have to gather them all up and get a picture of them. but back to these. when he deiced on gold/yellow and tan it was because he wanted the colors of his school mascot.  it is an eagle and his feathers are brown (I don't think brown was an options and his feet and beak are yellow)
he was very excited to be getting his new molds. when we pulled them out of the bag I was thinking, yikes the kind of look pinkish.
I handed them to him and he looked at them and then looked at me. I said they look great buddy.
he said they aren't eagle ears and they are pink.
I held them up to his skin and showed him that they were tan.
he asked, "what am I going to call them?" (because they weren't what he was expecting and can't call them eagle ears)
I told him that we would show daddy and that maybe he could help us come up with something to call them. we got in the car to head to speech therapy and he was still looking at them and he was pretty quiet. then he sighed in frustration and said "I don't know what to call them." I let him know again that we could have daddy help us name them when we got home. he said, "I need to know now what to call them." I told him that I would try and think of something to call them. right as I had something in mind, he said, "I know what I can call them."
"what?" I said.
He said, "I can call them Goldie Treasure."
I told him how much I loved it and how creative he was to come up with that. the way his mind works.......I just love it. it didn't occur to me that he was sitting in the back of the van mulling over what it was that he wanted to name his hearing aid molds. sure we had named them from the beginning and it's our thing. I love our things. maybe no one else gets it but I love it.
here are the links to all the other hearing aid posts that I wrote when he first got his hearing aids. when we call them tigger ears. HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Currently........October edition

Listening.............Pandora stations when I run.

Eating.................nothing exciting (yet!) feeling board actually in what I am eating of course and water but coffee in the morning is so great. in fact I had some the other day with a bit of pumpkin spice in it and it was AWESOME

wearing....................still shorts and flip flops. I think I am tricking myself when I put on jeans but I am not. I end up getting way to hot

feeling..................excited for fall break

weather.................still hot. it will get cool, I know but I am so ready for it

wanting.................the book Bread and Wine and Authentic slow down and take it all in

thinking.................about way to much

enjoying...............this phase of life

and just because I love to read I am adding another on

reading.................on the last chapter of Love Does by Bob Goff. I have thoroughly loved this book. I think I don't want it to end and that is why it has taken me so long to read it all.  still stuck in Anna Karenina. I don't think I will make book club this month. in fact I know I won't I will finish it thought. I WILL. and A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving (another book club read, enjoying it though)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I have this sweet friend, I'm not going to mention her name here. It wouldn't matter though, you wouldn't be able to find her. She kind of avoids social media, like the plague. (Which it kind of can be, right?!?) It sucks you in and takes over (sounds more like a black hole.) Either way I find myself easily falling into that black hole/plagueish pit. Don't get me wrong I am not bashing social media. My introverted self actually loves it. But her.....she doesn't easily fall into that pit. I admire her and am blessed that our paths crossed when they did. She is brave and strong.

I came across this post by one of my favorite bloggers Ashley Ann at Under the Sycamore. (you don't read her blog? well you should!)  She talked about a friend of hers and her struggle with her daily pain with Lyme disease and her beautiful company that bloomed from that pain. Bottle of Tears.

I loved everything about her company. I wish I could say that I was quicker to order a bottle but I procrastinated. I contacted Lindsey through Bottle of Tears on Facebook and she was so gracious and thoughtful to put the bottle I wanted, quickly in the mail.

Now it is in the hands of my sweet friend and I pray she knows God sees her and feels His presence in this next week.

Check out the beautiful bottles and words at Bottle of Tears  you will not be disappointed. Share hope with someone you know.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Old Chair Makeover

Chalk paint:
I had been seeing it all over Pinterest and I just thought that it was chalk(board) paint in colors instead of black. my how I was wrong.  someone told me that the Annie Sloan was a bit pricy and where I had to buy it locally was a bit out of the way for me so I went to Home depot and got the Deco Art American Decor 8oz bottle in Lace.
here is the chair that I wanted to paint.
I originally thought that I would paint it red. (this was at least 4 years ago(or more))
as you can see it never got finished.
the thing that drew me to chalk paint was that I read or heard that you didn't have to do sanding. that  the chalk paint covered up and made up for a lot. I liked that idea.
so here is what the chair looked like after coat one.
it was a lot of work to get all those spindles painted, but I pressed on

here it is after the second coat

i took a close up of the chair to show that it still had a lot of streaks in it. I had a friend of mine tell me that she only did two coats of the Annie Sloan paint on a bakers rack that she painted. after seeing the second coat and all the streaks I went for a third coat. (note to future chalk painting self, buy the Annie Sloan or as another friend told me make my own chalk paint. I saw that on pinterest as well, here and here and here, I decided not to go that route because i thought that it would be just as expensive as buying that Annie Sloan, it may not be i don't know. I didn't price it all.)
the saying "third times a charm" worked in this case. here is my cute little chair with its third coat of chalk paint and then waxed. (that was a complete adventure) I used miniwax and I had no clue what to do with it but rub it on the chair. I read the blogs about how to apply and still felt like I was going in blind. I feel like I read something some where about possible putting the mini wax in a bowl or cup or plate and melting in a microwave for a couple of seconds before using.......that may be something that I for sure do if I attempt this chalk painting thing again.
as for the "Believe" sign. that will be another post for another day

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tie Dye

i put in this post, a sneak peak of something that we did while we were camping.
well here it is
we got to do a tie dye shirt.
my mother in law, crazy loves her, some tie dye.
her birthday was the week after our trip so we made a special tie dye shirt for her
the kids picked the colors (I got to pick one too) and we decided on a heart.
one of the ladies got the shirt all folded and rubber banded how it needed to be for the heart.

here are the kids with the shirt......ready to be dunked
little girl, helping me with her color
golden boy helping out with his color
after the shirt was dipped in the colors it had to sit in a vinegar and water bath for about 5min
the rubber bands are removed

and one of the ladies had the kids clothes their eyes while she unwrapped it......
here is their reaction to the shirt. i just love it.
next time we go they will be making a shirt for them to wear.

it came out so well and we gave it to her this weekend and she loved it.

Monday, September 22, 2014

#2014andycampingtrip part 3

 our camping trip via instagram
it was so much fun going on this adventure with my family

Thursday, September 18, 2014

#2014andycmping part 2

 a few more pictures from our camping weekend. these lovelies were blooming all over the place
the cabin that we called home for the weekend
 a sneak peak of something else that we did while there. more on this in a later post
 this child. she just melts my heart (and sometimes makes it stop, heart attach style, with the things she does)

 golden boy and daddy on a river float (we will all be participating in this in may)
 not sure why she just didn't get all the way in
 enjoying the mud

 who needs a spa when you can just give yourself a mud treatment
 I posted a picture like this on instagram and my sister commented with "America Ninja Warrior" she mastered this wall and fireman's pole this time around.

"him." so much to love  in this tiny bundle of a boy 
 I have a feeling this will be an annual or bi-annual brother/sister photo. YAY!
 a drive through Cades Cove
 daddy told them that he was going to turn the van into a jeep. they had to stay in their seats and buckled in but we would ride through Cades Cove with the doors open and the front windows down.

 couldn't get the best picture of this little guy but we did see a bear while we were in Cade Cove. they kids, and daddy were thrilled. (I was pretty excited to see it too) it was a great BIG blessing

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

#andycamping2014 part 1

This was our second time camping as a family.
while they were both vastly different.............

1st time                                       2nd time
tent                                              cabin
outside air                                   AC
rushing river                               fan
cooler                                          mini fridge
air mattresses                              beds
bath house                                  our own bathroom

there were still so many things we forgot to bring. somethings that we even remembered the first time but not this time.

one day we will have this camping thing down.

Things from this time around that we wish we remembered
Pam cooking spray
pot holders


tongs (luckily there were these)

more shoes for kids
water shoes for us
one extra change of clothes more(for the kids)
glow sticks
more flashlights
first aid kit
fire tools
it was a really good second camping trip. we had a lot of fun. more pictures to come in a later post about the fun that we had. check out our other trip camping earlier this year here and here.