Monday, June 29, 2015

Currently.......June edition

i can't believe i haven't done this since December
i love this every month
hopefully i can remember to do this every month again so here goes

Listening...............the radio station at work, another radio station in the van and all last week, VBS music and the sound of my kids singing the as awesome

Eating.....................chips, dips, tuna salad, Popsicle, summer foods

Drinking............margaritas, (of course not every day but yummy, cold margaritas in the summer or really anytime, our favorites)

Wearing..............shorts and tshirts. it is hot here. like really hot.

Feeling...............ready for a vacation

Weather..............HOT HOT HOT. although a cool front came it so it is a bit better but still HOT see my family

Needing...............some beach time

Thinking................about the next book that i am going to read (The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks)

Enjoying................blogging again

Reading.................The Poisonwood Bible by Barbar Kingslover

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Adventure 26

This is my third year of being a VBS director of our church
The past two years I was in the preschool area
this year I was asked to do elementary (elementary is a whole new ball game than preschool)
and not just elementary, but elementary games.
I asked the staff person that asked me if she was sure she was picking the right person for the job (HELLO! introvert here)
she assured me that I was just in charge of filling the needed positions for the games area (which was difficult) and picking the games out and colleting the supplies that were needed for the game time.
It seemed like we were never going to get two adult leads for elementary games but we got one and then were able to add another about two weeks before VBS started and then there were two youth and a college age person that helped. I have to say that these five people that lead games this year were truly amazing. it was difficult at times to get the kids to listen and follow the directions but the times that I stepped out to see how things were going and if they needed anything I was so impressed with how awesome they were doing and so appreciative of their help in the intense heat that we happened to get right for VBS week.
here are the kids playing one of the games. forming this circle was the end of the game and then they prayed.
water day was on Thursday and it was by far the most favorite day for all of the kids
baby pools, sprinklers, squirt guns, splash balls, buckets
there was a dry zone for kids who didn't want to get wet with, hopscotch (original and then this cool hop scotch i found on pinterest), bubbles and chalk
a friend of mine bought red vines for volunteer snacks but it was on the preschool side, so I snuck over there a few of the days to swipe a few to munch on. oh! they were so very good. this was my last of three on one of the days.
and a friend posted this on facebook

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Adventure 25

adventures in picking out colors
I feel like i have been here before
oh yeah, my room colors, and the huge amount of time it took to decide on that
so now we are looking to get some siding out the wood parts of our house. the soffett and faicia board.
here is what the front of our house looks like
i would say that the brick is tan but i think some people call it yellow
here is it
our shutters were blue when we bought the house but we painted them black. it was a huge pain and I am so ready for some new shutters. I want ones like this
our roof is fairly new (at least I think so but my husband said the other day, we may need a new roof in 5 years, that just doesn't seem possible, what do I know)
so color has been the theme of this summer. not to mention the coloring of my hair, which hasn't happened yet, it almost did.
I mean seriously, I am struggling to paint our room and to decide on a siding color and I have these strands of glitter growing out of my head and I now have to decide what color to dye them and do I use permanent or semi-permanent, and are there more options than that. oh the choices. my hair post will be for another adventure.  like when I am brave enough to actually try it.
so here are the color options that we get to choose from
we have replaces all the windows in our house but 11 of them. (that sounds nuts right) we still have 11 more to replace. this house has a ton of windows. not that I am complaining. I love the windows but we need to replace the rest of them. so that new ones are white ones. the front of the house does not have news ones yet, we are getting there.
we  considered white siding.
could look dirty
but also pretty
we held up the white siding card with a tanish color that similarly matches the house to see what it would look like
we liked it ok but still had in the back of our mind that the white could look real dirty

then we kept going to this one
it is called silver mist
it has the earthy tones that our house has. (like I said I want those specific shutters but I want them to be wood colored and rustic looking.)
and our roof has that slight blackish brown look to it.
we still aren't 100% sure of what color we are going to pick. but that is probably where we have narrowed it down too.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Adventure 24

adventures in popsicle cravings
since hearing about Steel City Pops opening I have been waiting for the day that I could get my hands on one and try it.
then out of no where I find out that they are opened.
the second day of them opened I mentioned to my hubby that we needed to get up there to try them.

we got there are Golden Boy and my nephew got the creamy strawberry which Golden boy let me try and was really good. my nephew kept saying that it tasted like strawberry short cake.
I tried their Guava. It was so wonderful. I loved everything about it. just this week I also tried the Passion Fruit.
One of the flavors on the menu in the creamy section is Buttermilk. my first reaction was NO WAY. but three people have  now told me the I should try it and that I wouldn't be disappointed.
I am still a but unsure. I will keep you posted on my thoughts on buttermilk if I am brave enough to try it one day.
List of ones I want to try:
Orange Mint Green tea
Passion Fruit
Raspberry Lemon
Sweet Tea
Blueberry Cream
Peanut butter
Vanilla Bean
Creamy Strawberry

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Adventure 23

Adventures in lake playing, relaxing, chilling, hanging, jumping, fishing, familying
little girl was something else this year with her willingness to go and jump and play. she was ok last year but had some into her own this year
my sweet nephew D just wanted on the other side of this gate. we did bring him out some....

but this time when he got to eat watermelon was probably his favorite.
My other nephew W fishing
W, helped Bear reel his fish in (see Bear holding it) at the same time I managed to catch mine too. (see it hanging there, tiny little thing huh)
my grandparents with my kids. I love that they get to visit and know the kids. (Lily, apparently my son is Asian, his new way to take photo's is with the peace sign)
Four Generations of Ladies. Thank you Lord for the Blessings you have given us. Love these three.
Thank you to my awesome sister for capturing this picture and all of these from the Lake weekend.

Thursday, June 04, 2015


A friend of mine told me about a local nail place that does kid pedicures for $10 and the adult ones were not bad in cost either for all that they do.
I had to work the morning of Little Girl's birthday so I knew that I wanted to do something fun for her birthday in the afternoon. she loves girly things and I paint and polish her nails and toe nails every now and then but I thought that this would be fun, (besides I really needed a pedicure)
here we are waiting with our dumdum suckers for the people to see us
soaking her feet
the chairs are pretty big and she couldn't lean all the way back and soak her feet. but when she realized that the chair had a remote and she could get a massage she really liked that.
(basically she likes everything mommy does, I need to be careful)
here are the final products. I chose a pink glitter but am wishing I got something brighter, I do love it though. she picked a blue glitter and they painted little flowers on her toes.

Monday, June 01, 2015

High "5"

Five years ago this little, tiny bundle came into our lives
she shook us up
and kept us busy
she is smart and friendly
she loves big
she is fierce and sweet
and truly wonderful
Happy Birthday you beautiful, fiesty, wonderful girl

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Another Last

this morning Little girl came out of her bedroom and I caught her in the hallway
she gave me a BIG smile and then let me pick her up and snuggle her.
after walking from our hallway into the kitchen with her, snuggled in, I asked her if she knew what today was? she told me that it was church day.
I laughed because of course it was church day but I let her know that it was also her last day as a four year old.
she smiled.
I told her that tomorrow she was turning "5" and that I was going to miss her as a four year old.
I told her that I loved this last year as her being four
that four seemed still little as she was growing and being big
that she was still tiny and my baby
that I liked all that she had learned this year as a four year old and that I was going to miss 4 a whole lot.
I think she is eager to be 5. there must be something magical and special about being 5.
a whole handful.
I just know that I am going to miss four.
but I have a feeling that 5 is going to be pretty awesome too.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Adventure 22

Adventures in birthday party planning
The last two years (2014, I didn't blog 2013s) we have had a combined birthday party for the kids.
it has been great and easy.
of course I have scoured pinterest every year to make it super cute (even if the kids care less)
this year i had no theme in mind (although, truth be told, i was trying to plan a camping theme at the last minute)
when i mentioned that to my hubby he said no, that i should just ask the kids what they wanted.
little girl was easy, she picked princesses
little guy wanted superman. very specific superman. there was not just superman at party city or walmart. (his original choice was baseball and there was baseballs there, so he decided to go with that) i have to add that he had asked multiple times what kind of party he was having? i kept telling him that it would be at the park and that there wasn't going to be a theme.  he continued to ask about the theme and what kind of party. (it is good to know that he likes that we do a theme and that it isn't all wasted on him.)

 my hubby and i were thinking on the same page with this one.
while i was on pinterest pinning some cute ideas i came across this one.
so we got to filling up water balloons (well let me take that back, i got to filling up 150 water balloons) there were a few that popped along the way but it was well over 100.
then my husband found this brilliant invention which changes the course of water balloon blowing up from now on out. they are called bunch o balloons and it is truly wonderful.
later in the post you can see the batting practice and water balloon fight that took place with all of the water balloons that we filled up.
little guy's baseball themes party

and thank you pinterest and shaken together for the great idea for bubble gum
Little Girl is turning "5"
and Golden Boy is turning "8" 
here is our water balloon batting practice
my goal was to get every kid actually hitting a balloon but it just didn't happen. this is what i got though and i love every single one of them.

we ended with a water balloon fight with that was left and that went fast.
for a last minute
throw together
party in our neighborhood park
i think that it turned out pretty great!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

13 years today

You're the cream in my coffee!
like campfires and marshmallows - we're better together!
I love chasing adventures with you!
I have found the one whom my soul loves.
Happy Anniversary! I love you!