Monday, February 27, 2017


her baby crib use to sit along this wall.
her room was painted and designed around the baby bedding that was mine when i was a baby.
we painted this little owl from the bedding print above the crib
when she moved into her big girl bed her desk went along this wall and she decided that she didn't really like the owl and we put a picnic basket on top of the desk shelf to hide the owl.
that door there is the doorway to her closet
it is a 24 inch opening and the closet is 61 inches long.
we asked the contractors if they could open up the wall so that we could access more of her closet

today the wall will be down
the wall that held her crib, her desk, the owl
now we will have better access to her closet
while this kitchen flood, that flowed into her room has been a head ache and a long process i am thankful for things like this, that we have always wanted done, to get done.

here is the other special wall in her room.

my hubby was not a fan of the fact that i wanted to paint a room in our little girls room blue.
i am so very glad that we did though. the other three walls were yellow and Little girls room has been one of my favorite rooms to be in. it was so fun and cheery.
this weekend i took down this tree and wiped the walls. they really needed it.
her walls will be painted soon. surprisingly enough little girl chose another shade of blue for all of the walls. 
i love that i have a little girl that knows what she wants and isn't afraid to paint the walls blue. she said she also wanted hot pink in the room too so we area hanging some hot pink curtains in her room. she also requested a window seat.
it will be fun to post the process of her room as we go along.
so sub-flooring is coming up today and looks like her floors will go in on Wednesday. it will be a three week process though. laying, sanding, staining, polyurethane and then waiting. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Standing Still

Still standing still.
this is still what the kitchen and little girls room looks like
we are down to the subflooring
we met with the contractor yesterday and he said once our cabinet people give us a day that they can have the cabinets in then they will come in a few days before that and replace the subflooring and paint i guess and then once the cabinets are in they will lay the new flooring.
we are so ready to move forward with all of this but still we wait.

Monday, February 13, 2017


We finished the valentines for the kids class this weekend. Golden boy wanted to give the kids in his class Pokemon figurines.
I placed an order on Wednesday for the figurines. (so thankful for Amazon Prime)
I made some card stock cards that said "I choose you Valentine"
and then he wrote the kids names in the to section and signed them from him. 
after he got to decide who he would give each character to and we hot glued them to the cards.
I love the way that they came out

i saw these bracelets in Michael's craft store and asked Little girl if that would be something that she would want to give to the girls in her class. she has 9 of them in her class. so after making sure they would fit a kids arm, i went to the store and purchased 9 bracelets that all said something different. they said things like: love, blessed, peace, free spirit, happy, imagine.
The card stock says: Valentine: You're a Gem.
I got the idea for the wording from the blog Positively Splendid
I didn't have a colored printer so just created the same wording in a word document and printed them on card stock.
after she addressed them and signed them we chose which one she would give to each girl and used washi tape to attach them to the cards.

 my daughter likes the Pokemon cards too so for the 11 boys in her class we bought a pack of Pokemon cards and attached washi tape to the back of them. she picked out which one she wanted to give each of the boys and then signed the tape on the back.
a few years ago i got a picture of the valentines before we addressed them but i forgot to take that picture this year. so that is why there are little hearts all over the picture.

We didn't get together as a group to to decorate the cards
we just decorated them at home and then met up on Sunday to deliver them.

this year we just got a picture of the kids that were there.
Two babies were missing from this picture and one little sweetie that didn't want her picture taken

this is all of us last year that went to deliver valentines.

This year we met up with another small group to deliver the valentines. it was the last year that both of our groups met together to do this.

we had met in 2014 to deliver them but i don't think we got a picture of all of us

Tuesday, February 07, 2017


i guess i should have made the update on Saturday night that I FOUND Little Girls glasses. boy what a sigh of relief we had in finding those.
we still haven't decided on a floor because we need to go to the store and see their samples but here are the two samples from another store

this was the first sample that i looked at and loved it. it was a wire scraped hard wood like the original one that we liked

here is the back view that shows it in a room

this was the other sample that we looked at
at first i wasn't crazy about it because it didn't seem to have as much color variation as the other ones
then i turned it over.....

here it is in a room and clearly there is high variation in the color. this specific ones is a hand scraped hard wood.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

The Latest

so Tuesday the duct guys came out to work on the house. (my last post lets you know about that)
on Wednesday they came back to finish. They did some work inside and then they left at about 2:20 letting me know that they would call the inspector with the electric company to come out and inspect the locked pipe and then they could come and reconnect the ac/heater unit.
when I got home on Wednesday at 1 the house was colder inside than it was outside. It wasn't going to be to cold of a night and we usually like to sleep when the house is a little colder so we were fine.

at 3 on Wednesday the movers came to move somethings in our storage container. Only problem was that for some reason the Abatement team that was going to come out to treat the asbestos told us they were coming Friday February 3rd but somehow we didn't get put on the books for Friday.

so our kitchen sits pretty bare with this beauty in all its glory. I got to see it without a table cloth on it for a few hours. we keep it covered because, well we would like it to stand the test of time.......our kids, not to much.

I don't think I  made a blog post on this table so here is a bit of info about it.
I asked my parents if they could make me a farmhouse table.
I even send them some plans of ones online.
someone gave my dad this table top which was actually four feet longer. my parents sanded and stained it. the top is two church pews that are connected together. I just love knowing that the table we eat at was once in church and the prayers that were lifted up to heaven were heard by that same God who hears our prayers here at this table.

the legs to the table were at a friends furniture store and were pretty much a perfect match. then they made the bench. the top to the bench they made but it was so heavy they didn't know what to do to add legs. then their neighbor was throwing out their kitchen table and guess what legs were on that table? yep, almost the exact match to our kitchen table leg and way lighter than the wood that they were going to have to use. (it really is a beast of a bench)

so that all brings us around to Thursday.
I get home at 1 and then  house is freezing but I have no idea if they have been out or not to fix the issue of turning the gas back on. I grab my tiny space heater and my computer and sit down to work on the taxes (which is stressful all by itself)
I get a call from the flooring company saying that the floor we chose for our kitchen is out of stock they sold every last bit of it before we made our order and it wasn't being remade.

I went to get the kids from school and found out that somehow my daughters glasses are now missing. (this is two pair in a year)
When my hubby got home from work he called the contractor and they informed him that they inspection was done and that the duct work people had hooked the heat back up so he went to turn it on. guess what........nothing happened. at that point everyone was off of work and they were saying that we would just have to wait until Friday morning. I was upset because Thursday night was going to be really cold and the house was already so cold. my hubby got on the phone and contacted the owner of the company and informed him of all that was going on. he said he would be out Thursday night to look at it but that there was still a chance that it wouldn't be fixed till Friday. Thankfully he was able to fix it Thursday night. it was just a wire that didn't get reconnected. I jokingly told my husband in a text to kiss him for me for getting it back on. I was so happy.

fast forward to Friday night........we still can't find Little girls glasses, the taxes aren't completed yet, we have heat and I went to a flooring store and actually met the rep who had been telling the flooring company that the floor we wanted was out of stock (crazy circle of events) and he was extremely kind, very helpful and things are looking up for the flooring issue. I have some photos of the two choices we are deciding between. really they are so very close that either would be a great choice.

so it is now Saturday, we have Golden Boys basket ball game to enjoy, a date, church, the super bowl and some time relaxing with the family before a deep breath and another week of house stuff.

Abatement is coming on Thursday and putting us up in a hotel through the weekend. it will be like a small party next weekend as I am sure wherever we pick will have an indoor pool and the kids will love it.


Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Always an Adventure

So we knew that Monday or Tuesday the Duct work team was coming out to replace the duct work under the house. Monday came and went and not one came. Yesterday I contacted the contractor and asked about if the duct work people were coming today. he said he would call and find out. apparently they were already at the house but we weren't there. i let the contractor know that we were aware that they were coming (we just didn't know when) and that they could get started. if they needed to get into the house for any reason we could make that happen. they didn't need in the house and got started.
i came home from work at lunch to find this, and lots of work going on in the crawl space.
by 330 they were done but not really done with the project. we had ac/heater unit for the evening. thankfully it was a milder weather evening for the end of January. 

however, at 3:30 in the morning i woke up to my hubby asking me if i smelled gas. i sniffed and sniffed but didn't seem to smell anything. i went to check on the kids. they were both breathing so i crawled back in bed to wait to see what my hubby found out.
he went out side and said that he smelled the gas really strongly there.
he called the utility company to let them know. they said that they would have someone out in an hour to check it and that we should vacate the property.

we called my mother in law and asked about coming over. it is times like these that i am thankful for living close to family. our only other option, as i was thinking about it was the waffle house. (which right now actually sounds yummy)

so we got the van started, went into the kids room and got them up with big blankets to keep them warm. they wanted to know what  was going on. I told Little girl that we were going on an adventure. 

we headed my in laws house. we all got situated in beds, (my hubby and i somehow sharing a twin bed for the next 2 hours.) i think we probably only slept for 20 min though. maybe waffle house wasn't such a bad idea. the kids were able to fall back asleep though so that was good.

when we got home we had a message from the utility company. the duct work crew had turned off the gas but where they disconnected it the pipe was left open and was leaking gas, what we smelled. (i did eventually smell that gas, by the way)

the utility company came and capped and locked the pipe and now we will need them to do an inspection before they will reconnect it.