Monday, February 13, 2017


We finished the valentines for the kids class this weekend. Golden boy wanted to give the kids in his class Pokemon figurines.
I placed an order on Wednesday for the figurines. (so thankful for Amazon Prime)
I made some card stock cards that said "I choose you Valentine"
and then he wrote the kids names in the to section and signed them from him. 
after he got to decide who he would give each character to and we hot glued them to the cards.
I love the way that they came out

i saw these bracelets in Michael's craft store and asked Little girl if that would be something that she would want to give to the girls in her class. she has 9 of them in her class. so after making sure they would fit a kids arm, i went to the store and purchased 9 bracelets that all said something different. they said things like: love, blessed, peace, free spirit, happy, imagine.
The card stock says: Valentine: You're a Gem.
I got the idea for the wording from the blog Positively Splendid
I didn't have a colored printer so just created the same wording in a word document and printed them on card stock.
after she addressed them and signed them we chose which one she would give to each girl and used washi tape to attach them to the cards.

 my daughter likes the Pokemon cards too so for the 11 boys in her class we bought a pack of Pokemon cards and attached washi tape to the back of them. she picked out which one she wanted to give each of the boys and then signed the tape on the back.
a few years ago i got a picture of the valentines before we addressed them but i forgot to take that picture this year. so that is why there are little hearts all over the picture.

We didn't get together as a group to to decorate the cards
we just decorated them at home and then met up on Sunday to deliver them.

this year we just got a picture of the kids that were there.
Two babies were missing from this picture and one little sweetie that didn't want her picture taken

this is all of us last year that went to deliver valentines.

This year we met up with another small group to deliver the valentines. it was the last year that both of our groups met together to do this.

we had met in 2014 to deliver them but i don't think we got a picture of all of us

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