Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Pinterest is just swarming with cute ideas for valentine's day.
I posted earlier about what little girl and I did for her classmates.
below are some ideas that I came across for teachers and for golden boy's class mates.
lets start with the teachers
I came across this pin that my sister actually pinned to make for her hubby. (he is a robot and building stuff kind of guy, it is pretty awesome)
I loved it so much and remembered that I still had some small nuts from my sister's baby shower.
the pin is actually a compilation of valentine goodies that links you to the original source. kind of what I am doing there. so here is the original link for the "I'm 'NUTS' about you" pin. I just loved the way they came out. they are for golden boys teacher and his hearing and speech specialists/therapists.
next we have the valentine's for little girls teachers. she has two teachers in her class.
I stumbled upon this pin and just loved the idea.
Wal-Mart had a double pack of the original burt's bees so I grabbed that.
the link opens you up to a free printable to make this and instructions on how to go about it all.
I don't have a colored printer so I improvised. I had the letter stamps that I got in Targets $1-$3 section last year, sharpies, card stock, ink pads and washi tape. after writing and stamping and taping the card stock, I had my daughter finger print some little yellow thumbs on the card and then we turned them into cute bees. I wrote Happy Valentine's Day! on the bottom and presto! they are completed.

this last one for golden boy's classmates is a compilation of two different pins that I found.
I found the air heads in the dollar section of Target. I got two bags of them and they were just the right amount for all of his classmates and for he and little girl to each have one too.
I took the idea of the cut out heart from the first one (but instead of printing "Love is in the Air" on the hearts) I had wrote them and then took the idea from the second one, covering up the 'Head' word on air head with some paper and tape and then writing "Love is in the...." and the word Air from the "Air Head" is there. he addressed the back of them with to: and from:
there were other air head ideas like this one and this one.
in the end I love the way they came out and I think that he does too.

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  1. those are all so cute! you are so creative!