Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Adventure #5

let me start off by saying that I usually do not re-read a book. with the exceptions of a handful and of course children's books that I read to my kiddo's. those I have read and re-read in the 100s I am sure. Smelly socks (thank you aunt Traci for that one) and Swimmy (I believe that one if from your family too trac, love them both)

This adventure is taking me on a re-read through a book that I originally read in the beginning to middle part of 2013. (not that long ago.) books alone are a huge adventure for me. I could probably write about one every month (or week the way this one is going) I thought I would be skimming the book with is being the second time around but I'm not. I am soaking in every single word. sometimes re-read a paragraph to understand it all. so many stories, so much detail, so many new places to visit. I love reading (in case you did not know that about me)

last year some ladies in our Sunday school class started a book club. the 1 year birthday of the club is coming up (tomorrow, actually) I was able to attend one of the book club meetings last year and I read another one of the books but missed the meeting. in December I was suppose to host but asked if it could be postponed. my month to host is march and that will be another adventure for another time. (next month)

i never imagined when I first read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern that I would re-read it, (even though it was more than fabulous, dreamy, as if I could have walked right from this world on to the pages of the story.) the characters are wonderful and mysterious, likeable, endearing, entertaining, captivating. A friend who I recommended the book to two years ago and who started the book clubs said....."I can't wait to see if it is as magical as I remember."

I am here to say that "yes!" it truly has been. i just got my copy in the mail on Monday and i am already on page 240 (about halfway through the book) I have enjoyed knowing how the story goes and focusing this time around on some of the details. the moves the characters make and the way they are connected. I have been paying attention to the food being eaten and some of the details of the tents. I think I would do these things regardless but my hope is to create somewhat of a magical experience at book club next month. I have been pinning things on pinterest like crazy and am so completely excited to be able to attempt to make this book come alive. stay tunes for that adventure.

for now I am navigating my way through this intriguing book and enjoying the adventure very, very much.
                                                  The Circus is coming...........

if you want to participate in 52 weeks of adventuring and hop on over to Lily's Blog to link up or just go to her blog and read some of her great posts. she writes beautifully and she is quite funny.  my most recent favorite of hers is this post, because there is so much of it that I can totally relate too.



  2. maybe i will have to read this one along with you guys! am i too late, though?