Monday, February 16, 2015

Adventure 7 and 7.5

"never a dull moment" should be writing in our home somewhere. why? because it is so very true. on Friday night Golden Boy went to a friends birthday party at a local trampoline place. the jump time was an hour and a half. I think the he and the other boys spent pretty much all of their time in the dodge ball arena. it was fun to watch. when their time was up they called them all off the floor. Golden boy took the trampolines across the floor one by one and halfway across came down wrong on his foot and sprained it. neither the hubby or I saw it but we were told he was hurt and raced to get him off the floor. the next morning we took him to the orthopedic and got xrays  

and we were told that he would need to wear a boot. he has had a good bit of rest and some ice and elevation and the boot for compression but he still can't put any pressure on it. I am hopeful that tomorrow he will try. so that is our adventure 6.5

this adventure was just too good not to share it.
I wish it was good like we bought an rv but it is good like we went to the rv show and it was great because it helped us to narrow down what we want and don't want in a first camper trailer.
this would our first family rv show (when I was a little girl my parents took me and my sister to rv shows a good bit, so I was pretty excited to take my kiddo's the their first one)
this shot of little girls is in an R-Pod RV and it had bunk beds (which I think is a must for what we want) but the other bed was just a table bed. I wish I would have got a picture of the full rv thought because it was precious. so our list of wants for a camper
small (a lite)
bunk beds
at least a toiled (a shower would be nice but not a necessity)
a small kitchen
a table
a bed for the hubby and I
the rvs that we looked at that I drooled over were 5th wheels. I never really knew that to expect with a 5th wheel. I just knew that you would need a big truck to tow it and we didn't have a big truck so that wasn't really something that we were looking at.
but oh my the awesome-ness of some of the 5th wheels that we looked at.
let me say just how much I love this picture. Golden boy has loved him some ninja turtles but I am thrilled that little girl not only got in the picture but stood right between with for the picture and smiled her big beautiful smile with very little hesitation

this right here.........can i have it. it won't fit all four of us but my sweet hubby assured me that we can have one when we retire. i mean look at that arched door way.
it pretty much has a tabl/bed, a tiny kitchen and a bathroom (toilet only)

i die........look at the greatness of this little guy. i am drooling.

this......outside kitchen
i saw these in so many rvs and it is something that i never considered before but would totally love.

finally after the RV show......we parked close to a train track and Golden boy is quite taken with anything that has to do with trains so a walk (well he was carried) across the tracks was a must.

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