Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Adventure #4

He thought that he would never lose another tooth.......then one day his upper left one got wiggly.
He thought it would never come out.
On Sunday night he had a hard time going to sleep because he was laying there just wiggling his tooth.
last night he came out of his room after we had put him to bed saying that he just wanted it to come out. scroll down to see the before pictures. there was some wiggling involved and then it came out.
loosing baby teeth is another step in growing up. the vote is till out on if I am ok with this growing up thing.
1st tooth that he lost end of Feb 2014

2nd tooth lost, Spring break 2014

3rd tooth lost end of Jan 2015

i wanted some before shots of him before loosing his tooth. he will never look like this again with his tiny baby teeth in. (these were taken earlier this month) when i was certain his tooth would end up falling out before i was able to capture these pictures.

it managed to hold in for a bit longer.
i am thankful. i am not ready for big teeth in his tiny mouth.
 the tooth fairy had to get a last minute notice but did show up. he was excited although he said that he thought she would leave a lollypop. I will have to put in a good word with her for next time.
3 down 17 to go.
baby teeth hold on a bit longer. you are the list traces of baby left in my tiny, growing boy.
if you want to participate in 52 weeks of adventuring check out my cousin's blog and her link up and t this information  on how she got started doing this and be sure to find adventure in your every day.

Monday, January 26, 2015


checek out Lesley's Giveaway on her blog at recipe for crazy.
i love reading her blog and checking out all the fun things she posts about.
i started following her blog when she did CrazyJoy and it was a lot of fun.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Adventure #3

Here is week three of my 52 weeks of Adventure. Linking up with my cousin Lily
If you are reading this join in. Any time is good and no pressure to do all 52 weeks (good think too since the first three weeks are already over)  maybe do 12months of adventures one adventure a month. however you want to do it. Check out her first post on her adventure series and even if you don't want to participate, hop on over to her blog and check out the amazing adventures her and her husband have been blessed to have. (oh and read some of her blog posts, she is quite a talented writer)
I think any time a child participated in a team sport, at any age, it can be quite an adventure. This is the second year for Golden Boy to participate in Upward Basketball. We had the best time last year when he played and he made some great friends and had such wonderful coaches. we were able to be with the same coach again this year and he has made three new friends as well. The whole set up of Upward is great. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. 
 this year has been extra special because Golden boy has participated in the run outs that they do and in the team prayers before the game. last year it was a struggle. this year before the games started he informed us that he was bigger and older this year and could run out and pray before the games with the teams.

 growth in your child is bitter sweet. sure I want to bottle him up and keep him little but seeing his growth and the leaps and bounds he daily makes is just awing. especially when his leaps and bounds brings him closer to the God who created him.
this picture just melts my heart. i love seeing him so sweet and tender this way with his daddy right behind him supporting and loving him.  this two guys have my heart.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Adventure #2

my cousin Lily is doing a 52 week Adventure challenge and link up and I decided to participate. I wanted to try and find the adventure in my every day (although I am sure there will be plenty of adventures that happen this year that are not every day) you can visit Lily's blog here and check out her first post on her adventure here. if you don't want to participate in the adventures you should at least check out Lily's blog. she is a very talented write. I am not just bragging because she if family either.  you can click below to find out where I wrote about my
Nothing says adventure like a field trip with a whole bunch of four year olds.
that was my adventure today and it was great.
my daughter, pictured below and her class got to load up on a big yellow bus and head to Stevie B's pizza, where they learned about dough and how it is made and got to play and stretch some.
we got to watch the big mixer and see how they add a whole bag of flour and then cold water to the mixer and let it do it's magic. (I say magic because I have been using my mixer recently, (it is new) and it is magical.

 they told us about once the dough if formed they separate it into three different sizes, personal pizzas, buffet pizzas and then pizzas for the dessert bar.
I missed a shot of them topping the pizzas but here they all. (they had one pizza to every 4-5 kids to top them.)
while we were waiting for all of the pizzas to bake they kids got to go in the game room. it is crazy small so we attempted to go in by class (there were three classes there) our class was the last class to go in and they were so good and patient to wait for their turn. once they were in we played games. little girl played this one and got 50 tickets on her first try. it was pretty exciting.
after game time it was time to eat super yummy pizza. I have been counting calories (which is another adventure for another time) oh boy did I go over in the calorie counting today. we were going to Mexican for dinner too so I just said oh well, I am totally going over my calories today. I ended the calorie overage with great American cookie company cookie cake. when I go for broke, I go BIG.  :)
enough talk about how much I ate......these kids. boy could this group of four year olds put down some pizza. it was great.
I had to get a picture of them loading the bus. she is so tiny and cute getting on the bus to go back to school. I am so glad that I got to go on this field trip with her. it was a blessing that the offices just so happened to be closed on this day that she was having her field trip.
I love this time in life where I can be flexible. I can work and still participate in things and activities with the kids and in their school.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Crayon Valentine's Hearts

I pinned this on pinterest over two years ago. I just loved everything about it and considered making them with my son. every year for valentines day something else would come up for us to bring for his class. I knew I tucked it away for a reason. my four year old daughter is not in pre-school and we were able to make them for her class. I asked her if she wanted to separate the colors like in the blog post. she decided that she wanted to keep all of the colors together. (I liked her decision too)
what you will need for this activity:
cutting board
crayons (paper removed)
bowl or something to keep the broken crayons in
silicon heart shaped baking cups
glitter (optional)
card stock
baking twine
marker or stamps to write on the paper heart
first we gathered all of the broken and paperless crayon that I had been collecting for the past two years

i tried breaking them by hand but i couldn't get them small enough (or even broken for that matter)
so I grabbed a big knife and started chopping. I would scoop a bunch of chopped pieces in the pile and let my girly put them in the bowl
you will end up with a pretty colorful bowl of crayons

in Heather's blog post about her crayon hearts she mentioned that they decided to add some glitter to the bottom of the silicon hearts. (completely optional)
however when I asked my girly if she wanted to use glitter she was all about it.
(i think glitter is her favorite color)

Heather recommended using 1/2 a teaspoon of glitter in the bottom of the hearts. we sprinkled some in by hand for the first 6 and then quickly learned after they were done that we should have followed her recommendation of 1/2 teaspoon. so for the rest of the ones that we made that is what you did.
we filled the cups about 1/3 full of the chopped up crayons and
placed them in a preheated over at 300 degrees for 15min.
they took 20 minuets to cool and then they were ready to be popped out of the heart mold (very carefully)
I didn't have a die cut machine or anything but I had some pretty card stock and out church has a machine that I used to cut out these fun curvy hearts.
once I got them home I was eager to attach the heats to the hearts.  :)
I tried tying the bakers twine around the heart crayon and then attaching it to the paper but that didn't work. so I wrote "Color your heart out VALENTINE" on the paper heart and then wrapped the twine around the paper heart and the crayon heart to secure it. I will have my girly sign her name to the back of them closer to Valentine's Day.

it is never to early to start making your valentine's.
there are many other places on pinterest that has ways to melt crayon's.
Hot Car Crayons (a summer activity. I know here in the South it gets hot enough to melt crayons)
This one is great I love that they used bigger chunks of crayons
I think of all of the sayings that I have seen to put with the hearts, this one is my favorite
I also like how people put them in baggies with a tag on them. see one way here.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Adventure #1

so I have this younger cousin. she is sweet and smart and kind and brave and creative and her writing.......well I just love reading what she writes.

she posted on her blog about 52 weeks of adventure. she saw another lady named Brenda who encouraged people to adventure in 2015 as well. here is a snippet of what Brenda writes on her blog about the Embark:52 weeks of adventure: 

"Embark with me as I take fifty-two adventures and re-discover the joy of ordinary life being lived to its fullest.

I challenge you to find a way to learn, to grow, to care and to breathe, each day, for fifty-two weeks. Nourish your mind, soul, heart and body. And each week, go on an adventure."

I am always up for an adventure. my husband has taught me how to adventure. I am hoping this 52 weeks will teach me how to see adventure in my every day, not just the adventure of camping with two young children or a trip to just about anywhere or a hike through the forest. I am hoping to see the adventure in my days at home with my daughter, in the activity's that my son participates in, in a "trip" to the grocery store.

so here is my first adventure for 2015...........

I am participating in #documentedfaith over at Stephanie Ackerman's Blog.
I first found out about it on instagram through a college friend, Virginia.
you can find information here.  it looked fun and interesting and faith building of course. I love seeing everyones journal posts on facebook. it is, however, scary because everyone's art work and hand lettering is so amazing and beautiful but I am determined to not let that get me down or bother me. to enjoy the beauty that others create and to create my journal, however, I work. right now it is mainly just a jumble of words on a page, but I love it. Stephanie documented her week one here. check it out.
I have posted just a few of the pictures that I took of my journal so far. I chose a Katie Daisy journal that I already had because really, I was coming into this journey on December 30th and didn't have a ton of time to get all fancy with my journal and Katie's art work is one of my favorite things and it was already so lovely. see:

all I really did was add some washi tape to the edges. (I need to finish doing that. I just go the edges of the beginning of every month so I knew where to start and stop.) see:
then Stephanie, had on her blog this cool Happy New Year coloring page that I printed off and put on the first page of the book.  see:
I added my word for 2015. this is not something that i have done every year although when i think back to 2014 my word/phrase was "Be Present" so I guess this is year two for this kind of thing. My word for 2015 is "Hope."  i have placed my "Hope" in the One who made me and loves me.

and finally I added this weeks verse to the next page and inserted a resolutions page that I printed and filled out from here. let me say I usually don't do new years resolutions I prefer to set goals or dream as Robin Jones Gunn so beautifully put it. but I liked the act of filling this page out and folding it up and keeping it in this journal.

i have more in it since i started setting it all up on December 31st but just have not gotten any more pictures of it. i have added tip-ins which i had no clue what those were but love them. excited for this adventure and journey in faith as i document things this 2015.  i am sure that i will hold all of these 52 adventures as well. thank Lily for your post and the excitement of a new year.