Thursday, January 15, 2015

Adventure #2

my cousin Lily is doing a 52 week Adventure challenge and link up and I decided to participate. I wanted to try and find the adventure in my every day (although I am sure there will be plenty of adventures that happen this year that are not every day) you can visit Lily's blog here and check out her first post on her adventure here. if you don't want to participate in the adventures you should at least check out Lily's blog. she is a very talented write. I am not just bragging because she if family either.  you can click below to find out where I wrote about my
Nothing says adventure like a field trip with a whole bunch of four year olds.
that was my adventure today and it was great.
my daughter, pictured below and her class got to load up on a big yellow bus and head to Stevie B's pizza, where they learned about dough and how it is made and got to play and stretch some.
we got to watch the big mixer and see how they add a whole bag of flour and then cold water to the mixer and let it do it's magic. (I say magic because I have been using my mixer recently, (it is new) and it is magical.

 they told us about once the dough if formed they separate it into three different sizes, personal pizzas, buffet pizzas and then pizzas for the dessert bar.
I missed a shot of them topping the pizzas but here they all. (they had one pizza to every 4-5 kids to top them.)
while we were waiting for all of the pizzas to bake they kids got to go in the game room. it is crazy small so we attempted to go in by class (there were three classes there) our class was the last class to go in and they were so good and patient to wait for their turn. once they were in we played games. little girl played this one and got 50 tickets on her first try. it was pretty exciting.
after game time it was time to eat super yummy pizza. I have been counting calories (which is another adventure for another time) oh boy did I go over in the calorie counting today. we were going to Mexican for dinner too so I just said oh well, I am totally going over my calories today. I ended the calorie overage with great American cookie company cookie cake. when I go for broke, I go BIG.  :)
enough talk about how much I ate......these kids. boy could this group of four year olds put down some pizza. it was great.
I had to get a picture of them loading the bus. she is so tiny and cute getting on the bus to go back to school. I am so glad that I got to go on this field trip with her. it was a blessing that the offices just so happened to be closed on this day that she was having her field trip.
I love this time in life where I can be flexible. I can work and still participate in things and activities with the kids and in their school.

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