Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Adventure #4

He thought that he would never lose another tooth.......then one day his upper left one got wiggly.
He thought it would never come out.
On Sunday night he had a hard time going to sleep because he was laying there just wiggling his tooth.
last night he came out of his room after we had put him to bed saying that he just wanted it to come out. scroll down to see the before pictures. there was some wiggling involved and then it came out.
loosing baby teeth is another step in growing up. the vote is till out on if I am ok with this growing up thing.
1st tooth that he lost end of Feb 2014

2nd tooth lost, Spring break 2014

3rd tooth lost end of Jan 2015

i wanted some before shots of him before loosing his tooth. he will never look like this again with his tiny baby teeth in. (these were taken earlier this month) when i was certain his tooth would end up falling out before i was able to capture these pictures.

it managed to hold in for a bit longer.
i am thankful. i am not ready for big teeth in his tiny mouth.
 the tooth fairy had to get a last minute notice but did show up. he was excited although he said that he thought she would leave a lollypop. I will have to put in a good word with her for next time.
3 down 17 to go.
baby teeth hold on a bit longer. you are the list traces of baby left in my tiny, growing boy.
if you want to participate in 52 weeks of adventuring check out my cousin's blog and her link up and t this information  on how she got started doing this and be sure to find adventure in your every day.

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  1. Yes, unfortunately, they do grow up. Mine's in his 30s now and I sometimes miss my little rascal. Enjoy yours while young. Blessings!