Tuesday, June 24, 2014


.....I have this pretty amazing kid.
on the blog I call him golden boy and that he is.
he is my oldest.
a boy.
did I mention he is pretty amazing.

our small group went through the study The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. it goes through the five ways people give and receive love. after figuring out mine (which I am not sure changed much in the 12 years we have been married) I was eager to figure out what my kids were.

the love languages are: quality time, acts of service, gift giving, physical touch and words of encouragement. thinking through them and observing my son I leaned over to my hubby one day and said, "I think his number one love language is physical touch." he agreed. the kids loves hugs. sometimes a hug is all he needs to get him over a rough spell. in fact one day during the school year I was sitting down doing homework with him and he was having a melt down about something that had to do with the school work and my daughter happened to walk into the room and simply said, "mommy, just hug him." I scooped him up and wrapped my arms around him and hugged him and things got a bit better. the kid will be in the back of the van and say "mommy will you hold my hand" or sometimes he just says "I want some loving hugs."

Physical touch.....for sure number one for my golden boy. figuring out what is the next one can be more difficult. the kid is a culmination of all of the them it seems. he loves getting gifts as well as giving them, he thrives on words of encouragement, sitting down and reading to him, playing legos, putting together puzzles(all good things to him, quality time). so I my head I thought "well, at least I know what is the last thing on his list of love languages. Acts of service."

just yesterday he proved that theory wrong. I was out in the kitchen doing something and here he comes into the kitchen carrying the laundry basket from our room. I asked him what he was doing with it and he said that he was bringing it to the laundry room to help out because he saw that I was doing some laundry. I gave him a big hug and told him how much I appreciated it but that I was not planning on doing our laundry any time soon. he brought it back to our room but let me know that he picked up the pile of laundry that was in the hallway bathroom and put it in the laundry room for me. (this was much appreciated because it was beginning to pile up and I was needing to get to the laundry room) big hugs again and praise for how thoughtful he was to think of that. by this time I am getting my daughter out of her room from her failed attempt at a nap and make my way into the hallway and by our bedroom when I notice golden boy on our bed and he is making it (no I do not make my bed every morning.....deep down I wish that I did but I just don't)  I couldn't help myself. I walked into the room with great big smile on my face and gave him the biggest hug and the told him how much I love him and how wonderful of a boy he was. he just wanted to do something nice for us and bless us and just be loving.

how in the world do I even rank these love languages with this kid. he is all encompassing when it comes to them. I am just awed and overwhelmed and blessed at the kid God has blessed me with in this little boy. my prayer is that I can daily see the good in this amazing boy that God has given me and how wonderfully I am blessed to have him in my life.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Making our way.....

......through this summers bucket list.
just this weekend we did quite a few things.
we swam in our fifth pool of the summer
Swim in five different pools
Pick blueberries
(this will probably happen a couple more times, benefit, they are in our front yard)
 splash pad
 they did have some fun but they did a lot of sitting here (because they were cold) and asking for snacks. then I let them play on the play ground for about 15min before we left. when it was time to leave they both went on and on about how hot they were. (oh, sometimes you just can't please them)

 Blowing bubbles
Kiddie Carnival

Friday, June 20, 2014

She is Four

this is who I remember meeting four years ago.  she is now all sass and spunk. not the tiny baby that I held in my arms.  but my arms.....she still fits. she fits differently now but there is still this perfect place for her in them.  She has made life extremely exciting.
 we never know what she will say and do. She loves big and is our prayer warrior. she is feisty and head strong.
she is crazy in love with the movie frozen. I mean look at that face. she loved the cake topper more than the cake I think

 she is a joy and a delight.
right as we were sitting down to sing happy birthday and eat cake our neighbor knocked on our door. she had a bear that she made for the birthday girl.  I couldn't believe that she remembered. then I found out that golden boy told her that his little sisters birthday was coming up so she was sweet and made her a special bear. 

 time seems to be flying. slow down little one......lets soak up this time. I love you more than you love me.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Men

 I am one pretty lucky girl. I have two pretty awesome men that live right here in my very house. My husband and father of my children, who is my compete opposite in almost every way, except the ways that are important and I am grateful for that. he is wonderful dad and loves our kids fiercely. and my sweet little man (golden boy). he isn't a dad but I pray that one day he will be. I occasionally pray for his future wife. that wile she may be his complete opposite that she is the same where it matters. that she is a God fearing lady who loves family and embraces our family and molds well into a life with him and us as in laws.

  aside from the two that live in my house there are three others in my life that are a huge blessing and love like no other. my dad......he loves big, the supports strong, he provided and provides like no other. he only wanted girls when it was time to have children (no snot nose little boys, he said.) but he ended up with three grandsons that are, I am pretty sure, quite precious to him. they call him "Bear" then there is my grandfather......he is strong but can be gentle, he and my grandmother have been married for 60 year, (that says a lot) he loves like you can't imagine, even though sometimes he can be rough around the edges. he loves Jesus and has shown me that the verse "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength" is possible. and finally my father in law.......he was half of who raised my husband, he made him into the man he is today (which sometimes can be frustrating, but ultimately I am grateful for) he can fix just about anything. he has a big heart and an even bigger sweet tooth than me. he loves adventure but equally loves to curl up at home and rest (we are alike that way) he loves my family and I love him for it. my kids call him "Papa"

this is the card that golden boy made for his daddy for fathers day. we found the idea on pinterest of course. here is the link to the site.

 this one I found a clip art for and printed for my daughter to give him. we added this recipe for homemade bbq sauce
once the crafting starts my son usually can't stop. he wanted to make another minion card for his daddy. he asked me to draw a purple minion and then he colored it in and added words to it.
bear has a lake house. we visit often. my son made the foot and my daughter the hand. it is just prefect. got the idea from pinerest! where else? here is the pin.

papa has a goat farm so we made this card for him for fathers day. the tractor is golden boys foot and the goat is little girls hand. I found quite a few pins for the tractor and goat. here are some of the links
tractor and cow

we added a cute little disc photo album to his bbq sauce and I took a picture of the kids that I found here and made it our desktop wall paper and email it to him so that he could make it his desk top wall paper at work.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Crawfish Time

so this happened over memorial day but I am just now getting around to posting the pics.
there is nothing like a good old crawfish boil.
I have been eating crawfish since I can remember (and I am still alive and kickin for those who are thinking eeewwww gross)
all is takes is a couple pounds of cawfish

a good stock pot

oh wait maybe even some more pounds of cawfish

some pretty great men who get them ready for boiling

some trays to put them on to eat (by the pound)

onions, potatoes, corn and sausage (not pictured)


some family and friends

and a pretty awesome, curious nephew who doesn't mind touching them and showing them to bear. (my kids steer away from them) golden boy calls them red bugs and naturally little girl does the same. hopefully one day I can pull some of my cajun roots out of them.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

A few of my Favorite Things......

crackle fireworks-the way they look and sound
shopping for greeting cards
the smell of books, ink, sharpies, and gasoline
the sound of water running over pebbles
blue eyes-not that any other eye color I dislike but there are these two pair of blue eyes that I can fall
into every day I love them so much
baby feet
baby smells
nail polish
pumpkin (almost anything)
wall calendars
online ordering (but I hate paying for shipping)
corner brownies
holding hands
foot rubs(not feet thought) (except baby feet as you may have noticed in the beginning of the list)
waking my children up in the morning (even when they are grumpy
candy corn
cutting our grass (but I have no method, I like to make, what I call crop circles around the trees that we have in the front yard)
bluegrass music
most music in general (my ipod as a crazy mixture of music on in....I mean crazy)

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

I am a baseball mom

 let me say that being a baseball mom was never in my mind. baseball has to be one of my least favorite sports. it is hot and a slow moving sport. how did we get here?
well after two years of soccer we know that it wasn't going to be golden boys thing. this fall/winter we did basket ball and he seemed to like that. we will give it another year to see what he truly thinks. when it was time to sign up for baseball he was all for it. me on the other hand.....I kept thinking I could do without it.  this year was just prep for him. after three coach pitches they are allowed to hit the ball off the tee. it was fun getting started and learning how all this baseball stuff works. I just knew the basics really and maybe that wasn't even enough.

let me just say that as each game went buy the sport became more and more exciting. sure my kid was out there playing but the whole dynamic of it all was just fun and exciting. the coaches that he had were just wonderful. very knowledgeable about he game and very encouraging and helpful. the group of parents that we had were so involved and made everything go so smoothly. we were never short players, the boys were always trying their best and just got better and better as the season went on. at our last game of the season we found out that there would be a single elimination tournament. i truly believe that most of the parents thought we would be out after the first game. not that the boys weren't a good little team but just that it was the end of the season and everyone was tired. we won our first tournament game and continued to win and won the whole championship. it was so exciting. our boys did awesome and were well deserving of the win. one of the moms told me last night that the way the boys played and pulled it off is what movies are made of. it was impressive and i couldn't be more proud of my boy and the team that he played for. GO PHILLIES!

 so yeah! i am a baseball mom and loving every minute of it.

 my sweet girl and one of the friends she made.
 Our Phillies
what an awesome team! what an awesome season!
i hope we are blessed to be able to be with the same coaches and team next year. we shall see. exciting things ahead.
photos taken by one of the team moms Traci (not by me ) she did an awesome job all season getting great pictures of the boys.

Summer 2014

Summer is here and has been for a couple of days now. we just rolled right into the swing of things. for the last two years I have make a fun summer list of things to do. this is the first year that I am posting them here though. I can't believe that we have already done some of these. awesome. summer is a lot shorter than usual this year but we are hoping that it will all be exciting and fun. I may be adding more fun things as we go along too.  here we go 2014.......bring it on
Go camping
Make snow cones
Granny's VBS
Water park
Swimming at five different pools (IIIII)
Wash car in swimsuits
Movie in the park
Food truck
Blow bubbles
Go on a hike
Botanical Gardens
Sidewalk paint
Blanket fort
Yard day with friends
Boat rides
Go to lake
Swimming lessons
Homemade ice cream
Baseball game
Splash pad
Go to the park
Board games
Nature scavenger hunt
Kiddie Carnival
Make Smoothies
Play hide n seek
Pop jets
Chase lightening bugs
Watch a sunset
Movie at Monaco
Sonic Happy Hour
Pick blueberries
Kids Birthday Party
SA water park
Friends lake house trip
Marriott trip
Sidewalk chalk
Ice cream treats
Ice Cream
paint hallway
Go back to school shopping