Saturday, September 30, 2006


this week was the week for football. out of the four games of teams that i was rooting for three of them won.

lets start with monday. on monday the N.O. Saints played the Falcons. all last season i was a fan of the falcons because i really liked michael vick. not that i don't like them anymore but this was the Saints first time back home in the dome. expectations, emotions and excitement was high. they pulled through and won.

then on thursday there were two games. while taping the auburn vs. south carolina game, we went to my hubby's highschool football game. it was homecoming. it was a really good game but in the end they lost which was sad only to redeem the sad fact by watching the auburn game to find out that they won. YEAH AUBURN!!!

that brings me to friday and my favorite of all. if you read my previous post from tuesday, i think, then you would know that that game was my high school john curtis vs hoover high (the #1 school in the nation, but not anymore.) that's right the patriots pulled through and beat the bucs. it was an awesome game. the bucs scored 2 touch downs in the 1st quarter. we scored 2 in the 2nd quarter, tying it up at the half and then we scored 2 more in the 3rd and the bucs didn't score again. the stadium was on fire and yelling and we had less than half of it full but were going wild. i was so happy that we were able to go. it was truly a great game. GO PATRIOTS

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Three Things Thursday

1. if i got a would probably be somewhere on my upper back/shoulder blade area or the inside of my wrist. ( i don't know what i would get though)

2. if i got another piercing somewhere it would be a small one on my nose. (btw i only have my ears pierced and my mom had them done when i was like 3 months old)

3. i painted my finger nails black for the first time last month and liked it.

oooh scary. i have a dark side. :)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Angry Judges!!!

so i didn't watch all of "Dancing with the Stars" last night. i only caught the last 30 min of it and saw Joey, Vivica and Mario dance. i don't know if the judges were just in a mood or something last night but Joey and Mario did great to me and i was once again bored with Vivica's performance and the judges loved it. what is going on? and what did Emmitt and Cheryl do to get them the lowest score? was there anyone that the judges did like?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bitter Sweet Daze

today has been one of those days. the bitter part came with i had a check up at my dentist office and he found cavities under fillings that were just placed not but a year ago. i know! go figure! oh well, life will go on, but i just hate being numb.

the sweet part came in a variety of different ways....

i think my halloween/fall season has officially started because i had my first candy corn of the season. yummy!
it was also one of the girls birthdays at the office today so we went to Macaroni Grill for her birthday. it was delicious.
then she got to pick her birthday cake and she chose petti fores.(i'm not sure if that is the correct spelling but oh well) oh my goodness, those are amazing.
growing up we had a bakery called McKenzies that sold fabulous petti fores and they were one of my favorite treats. so today we also had petifores.
then, (i know the goodness keeps coming) i got an email from a dear friend who told me that our high school, JCCS, was playing the #1 highschool in the nation, hoover highschool, this friday in hoover, alabama. this excited me so much. i was giddy. i'm not sure of the status of my high schools football team now but remembering how good they were 8+years ago i'm thinking they still are pretty amazing. we'll see though. i asked my hubby if we could go to the game and he said we could talk about it so i'm super excited and hope to get to go.

so i've been in quite a daze today. it's been a pretty good day. i can put aside the bitter part of the day for all the sweetness this day has brought. GO PATRIOTS!!!

Monday, September 25, 2006


today i got to put my previous TTT in practice. every day that i work i shred paper because i shred the schedules from the day before. but today i also got to tear some perforation and i opened a box that was shipped to the office and lo and behold there was a whole pile of bubble wrap.
it was quite an exciting day.
:) hehehe

Friday, September 22, 2006


we're having severe thunderstorm watches in our area and even some tornado drop downs in surrounding county's. this is definitely normal for this time of year. the crappy thing is that we were watching deal or no deal tonight, which isn't a regular thing that we watch it's just that my hubby happened to tape the one the night before or whenever it was on and the last girl didn't get to finish the game and it rolled over into tonight. so for those of you that didn't see it she had 750,000 and 1,000,000 left. one of those amounts was in her case by her and the other was with the girl on stage. this was pretty exciting because i don't think anyone on the show has every won the million. so right as they are about to have the banker tell her the amount he would offer to buy her case the tv switches to the weather report on all the storms that are going on and stayed there till the end of the show. i was quite mad. after waiting and waiting they did say that they would replay the end of the show at 3:30 in the morning. i'm not staying up to watch it but we are taping it. i'm excited to see what happens, it should be good. :)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Three Things Thursday

three things that help me de-stress...

1. perforation---i love to tear things that are perforated

2. bubble wrap---the obvious it's fun and helps me to de-stress to pop bubble wrap

3. shredding paper---there's something about the monotony of continuously putting paper in the paper shredder

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


i saw this on Cheryl's blog and thought that it would be fun. so here goes..........

One restaurant:
Sol Azteca--i'm dreaming about it because it is one of my favorite mexican restraunts in birmingham alabama

Two songs:
anything by the David Crowder band or Nickel Creek but if i have to pick a song by each of them then they would be... "O Praise Him" by David Crowder Band and "Jealous of the Moon" by Nickel Creek

Three snacks:
grapes--i just love grapes. they are the perfect mixture of sweetness and juciness.
chocloate--it doens't have to be any type of chocolate just some type of food with chocolate on it.

Four emotions:

Five things to look forward to:
the weekend
possible seeing nickel creek in concert
seeing my sister soon
spleeping in

so for anyone else out there that wants to do this then the point in today's "assignment" is to think about this in reference to how you feel RIGHT NOW. What is important to you, how do you feel right at THIS moment. So, answer these with what just first pops into your head.

Mambo, Mambo, Mambo


what an episode. they sure did start out with a bang. if Willa needed to redeem herself at all she sure did with her mambo. i say if because i thought she did great last week and was shocked that she was in the bottom 2, but i guess the other viewers had a different opinion.

note: i like watching shows like this but never vote because the few times i have i can never get through and i hate sitting there pressing redial over and over.

okay back to the show. Monique was just a little firecracker. she and Willa were great to be first and start the show with. what a shocker for Harry to come back from last week. he was so lite on his feet.

i unfortunately have to agree with the judges on Mario. he didn't really do a real quickstep, not that i'm a dance expert or anything, it just wasn't my favorite. i like him better doing something like the chacha and i bet he would be really good doing the mambo. Jerry Springer is surprisingly very much a gentleman and a fun dancer. Shanna did okay but i wasn't all that impressed with her mambo as some of the others, it seemed a little slower and so did Vivica's.

Sara did much better than last week and i hope that she stays on so we can see her loosen up over the next couple of shows. Emmitt is still fabulous with his smoothness and twinkle toes, as on of the judges said and Joey was spectacular last night at the quick step. they picked a great song, they looked great and the performance was full of energy, fun and had great technique. they definitely deserved the 29 in not a 30.

can't wait to see what happens next week.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Three Things Thursday


1. i love the smell of scoth tape

2. i love the smell of gasoline

3. i love the smell of the john fredia brilliant brunette shampoo and conditioner that i am using.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dancing with the Stars

growing up i took dance lessons. i think that i was in dancing school for 10 years. once my best friend moved to another state (which meant she wasn't going to be attending the dancing school with me anymore) and i'm sure the cost of it, tuition, uniforms (seeing that i was in 3 dances plus the finale by my last year) i stopped going.

once i entered high school i decided that i still wanted to dance so i tried out for the high school dance line and made it along with my good friend t-. i was on the team my whole 4 years of high school and looking back i can say that i loved every minute of it. (at the time it may have been a different story) i was the shy one on the team. my friend t- flourished as a dancer because of her boldness during the training and dances. see, even though we were on the team we had to try out for all of our routines. (pep rallies, field shows, and competitions) i wanted to be out there dancing and not up in the stands watching but my shyness overtook me sometimes. i was impressed with the dancing abilities of the girls on the team and strived to be better and better.

dance team was really good for me because it pushed me and challenged me daily out of my comfort zone. the girls use to say break out of your shell j-s-. while i may not have come out of my shyness off the dance floor i think that i did on the dance floor. it was a great time for me and i wish that had never quit dancing.

that brings me to the tv show that i just watched. dancing with the stars. it was so much fun to watch the contestants dance with the professional dancers. i'm not to sure which one was my favorite but my top dancers tonight were emmitt smith, mario lopez, and monique coleman. there were other good ones and some not so good but everyone has to start somewhere and i'm just impressed that they had the guts to get out there and try. i'm excited for the season and to see how holds up through the end and who makes it to the finals. stay tuned.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Three Things Thursday

three favorite things about fall

well to start off...aside from this being my TTT post it's also my 200th post as a blogger. pretty cool huh!?! so here it is......

1. i love the colors of fall. the leaves changing from green to red, yellows, oranges, even some purple colors.

2. i love driving down the road and running into a storm of raining leaves. here is my post last fall about that.

3. i love the smells of fall. the apples, cider, pumpkin, air.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Auburn vs Washington State

so i'm sitting here at my brother and sister in laws house and watching the game. it's the first game of the season and i'm sure the first but not the last of many nights or days of bbq, family, friends, fun, yelling at the tv (which i still don't understand) and lots of football. now i lived in washington state for the past 3 years but my football loyalties still stayed with auburn. we are all here sitting around in our auburn gear and rooting for the tigers. well accept for my sister in law. she's a big alabama fan which is auburn's rivals and she said "go washington state."


Final Score: Washington State 14