Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Three Things Thursday

three things in my purse or car that shouldn't be there......

1. it was just last night that i got into my truck and there was one kniting needle there. what in the world, only one. where is it's match. strange.

2. my ringworm medicine is in my purse. it's been a couple of weeks that squiggly has vacated the premisis of my arm and i was carrying the medicine around to apply it a couple times a day, but for some reason i failed to remove it from my purse when it went away.

3. something else that is in my truck that should not be there is the remote control to the radio/boom box that i sold 2 weekends ago at a yard sale. i saw it yeasterday and thought why is this in here, then remembering that we sold the radio. oh well, besides i don't think that the remote even worked anymore, although that could be because i needed to change the batteries. oh, the radio/boom box this is my very first one that my parents bought me when i was 12.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Three Things Thursday

recap of my week so far...

1. my hubby and i woke up at about 2:30 on sunday morning to very sick tummy's. lets just say that it was comming out of both ends. unfortunatelly for us we only have one bathroom in our little apartment. luckily for us we were on different time cycles so we weren't fighting for the bathroom. after the doctors appointment where we were given meds for the nausea we went home and slept for awhile.

2. i missed work for 2 days because of the sickness so we caught up on some movie watching. we saw...
Flightplan with Jodi Foster, The Family Stone to many great actors to name them all, An Unfinished Life again to many to name, The Greatest Game Ever Played, and Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. here's to say that we were pretty entertained ever though we were down and out.

3. now we are feeling better and back on track.

oh and by the way i'm so glad that Taylor Hicks won American Idol last night. YEAH!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Three Things Thursday

tv posts again...

1. i wish that
  • Joanie
  • would have won on America's Next Top Model and not Danielle.

    2. i wish that Eliot wouldn't have gotten kicked off of American Idol.

    3. and keeping with the reality tv shows. i wanted Terry to win Surviror, because just like someone said, he was truely the one that should have been in the top two.

    Tuesday, May 16, 2006


    I Want...a gimungous bowl of ice cream.

    I Wish...i didn't have to work.

    I Hate...waking up early in the morning.

    I Am...really sore.

    I sister terribly.

    I Hear...the sound of people talking, a drill and my fingers typing this post.

    I Wonder...what my children will look like.

    I Can't without my husband.

    I Am Not...very encouraging sometimes.

    I Sing...always.

    I make other people laugh, but i do love to dance.

    I Cry...probably to much, but i've told my hubby that i'm washing the windows of my soul.

    I Am not Always...motivated.

    I Do have...a great life.

    I to go to the three places from my TTT post on May 4th.

    I Write...letters to my best friend (even though it's been a while sorry T-) and on my blog.

    I Make...really good gumbo (thanks mom for teaching me how to cook.)

    I Confuse...myself-which probably confuses my hubby.

    I family loves me.

    I Should...exercise more.

  • Stephanie
  • for the all around tag. this was fun. i'll tag...
  • Doraj
  • Wendi
  • Amberj
  • and
  • Crystal

  • if you've already been tagged then never mind. :)

    Monday, May 15, 2006

    Sun, Sandles, Snow, Shared memories, Sore muscles

    what exactly could i have been thinking? well that's just it i probably wasn't. yesterday my husband and i, along with four of our close friends decided to embark on an adventure. while all of us, thinking that we were in pretty good shape for this particular activity soon realized that we weren't. we took a seven mile hike through the woods. we encountered snow, rocks, and mud, along with sore muscles, aches and pains and memories to last a life time. we didn't expect to be hiking through snow but never fear the weather outside was quite warm making for the bits of snow very refreshing but slippery. i've hiked in these sandles before but never as long as we did yesterday so aside from sore legs, my feet were some what raw as well. as you can see from the pictures posted we had fun and got to see some beautiful scenery. after our really long hike we piled in the cars and headed out for a huge hamburger (that's what we were all craving). it was a wonderful day dispite sore muscles. oh and you may be wondering why we didn't spend mother's day with our mother's and it's because they all live in another state but rest assured that they were talked to or sent a card letting them know that they are loved and missed.
    into the woods

    i don't think that this little guy knew that he wasn't at the beach. i just thought that it was cute that he's on a hike and took his shovel with him. i tried to get one of his brother who had a red one but couldn't get my camera on quick enough.
    river in the woods

    one of our friends said as we were walking past this perticular falls that it reminded him of an irish spring comercial.

    Thursday, May 11, 2006

    Three Things Thursday

    three of my non-guilty pleasures:

    even though i don't normally watch wednesday night tv (or at least don't plan on watching it) i, along with a friend of mine, usually do. it all starts with........

    1. America's Next Top Model. while i didn't normally think that i would be interested in a show like this i find myself enthralled with it. it really is a fun show, even though i think that Jade should have been kicked off last night. then there's..........

    2. Americal Idol. again another one that i don't normally watch. well, i have been known to watch it in the past but i'm not a regular AI watcher. i like it about now when there are just a few people left. however, what in the world was America thinking voting Chris off. is the show even worth viewing anymore. (oh and i'm sure there are alot of people that will be talking about this so sorry to those who just don't care or are tired of reading or hearing about it). and finally......

    3. Unanimous. the most ridiculous show on television and i'm glad that it is over and that they finally did come to a unanimous agreement.

    there's my three non-guilty pleasures....until next time.

    Thursday, May 04, 2006

    Three Thngs Thursday

    three places i want to see...........

    1. New hubby went in highschool and he said it was amazing. he was able to eat at some yummy restraunts and for to see a couple of broadway plays which excited the mess out of me because i love plays.

    2. London...i've always wanted to see Westminster Abbey and i don't think i would have a problem finding plenty of other things to see and do.

    3. brother and sister in law went on their honeymoon and had a great time. they always talk about going back with us and that would be lots of fun.

    Wednesday, May 03, 2006

    strange sightings 2nd edition (updated)

    so as you can see here are two ducks. as i was driving home the other day i noticed them. if you scroll down a couple pictures you can see where they are actually sitting. pretty funny i know. i ran in the apartment and got the camera. i wasn't going to miss this. it was just to cute.

    my husband informed me as we were on our evening walk that he saw the maintenance people trying to get the ducks out of the pool the other day. so sad for the ducks. their quiet is over.
    sun bathing

    the pool isn't even open for people to go in and swim yet. i guess the ducks wanted some peace and quiet before the rush of humans can in a took over their large swimming hole.

    Tuesday, May 02, 2006

    strange sightings

    i don't live in the county althought i think that there are people here who think they do. for instance driving to work today there was a rooster on side of the road. alive, yes! just wobbeling along. i'm a little upset though because i never have my camera ready for a photo oppourtunity or in this case even available. no matter though...that's what i saw on my drive to work this morning. i have another strange sighting involving a duck but there are photo's to post with that one so i'll save it for later.

    Meet Squiggly

    i noticed squiggly about a week ago but didn't know exactly what he was. not a spider bite, random bug bite and not a reaction from a shot i got 4 weeks ago in the other arm. the next thought was ringworm, disgusting but true. oh and i named him squiggly (weird i know but what can you do). i am very grossed out by him (do ringworms have a sex?) and even more terrified that i'll actually spread him to a different part of my body. pray that he will vacate the premises soon. i was going to post a picture of him but thought 1. gross, 2. you've probably see one before and 3. gross again.

    FYI: i know that a ringworm isn't actually a worm btw. :)
    white water, rocks, tubes, sun (but chilly weather), helmets, a cooler and six penguins (i mean....six people in wet suits). you're probably thinking crazy, i know but to these six adventuresome
    friends it was a blast. stories and memories to last a lifetime.

    let me set the stage a little. here we are the summer of 2005 floating down the river in early july. while fun, there were many lazy spots and plenty areas where we actually had to carry our tubes over rocks. even though there were slow spots we had plenty of laughs and fun.

    at some point during that trip someone had the bright idea of starting up river a little more. we all thought, great idea, so the plan went into motion. once the logistics were all worked out we dedicated another day to the river. this time, better rapids and hopefully higher water. this was true for the beginning of our trip. however, halfway through, again the water became slow and low. our float took five hours.

    during that float we joked about going down the river in dry suits in december so we could see the houses along the river lit up for christmas and so the river would be higher and faster and wouldn't take so long. obviousally we were joking. at that point we were running on to much sun and not enough to eat accept a few corn flakes (or was it honey combs) that someone brought.

    funny thing is my husband loves ideas like that and he ran with it. granted it wasn't carried out in december, in dry suits but just this weekend they (my hubby, his dad and four of our close friends...i mean you have to be close friends to go along with something like that right?) completed the adventure of going down the river when the water was high and the river running wild. and aside from loosing the cooler with the food in it and a couple extra tubes they safely made it down and it only took two and a half hours.

    to read a personal testimony of white water river tubing/floating 2006 visit
  • Amber
  • and get in on the details that aren't shared here.

    Monday, May 01, 2006

    The Kamikazes

    Bragging Rights

    my honey has graduated. it's so exciting too. as you may have read in my last TTT post he graduated with two masters. it was a great day. we got ready and got some good pictures before the sky let down its furry on us. at the ceremony we got to hear from Dr. Gary Thomas, author of
  • Sacred Pathways
  • Sacred Marriage
  • Authentic Faith
  • and he was great. hubs got to cross the stage twice too. it was cool to see them walk up and get hooded by their professors and then to walk and recieve their diplomas. there was only one other girl in the graduating class that got to walk twice. basically i'm just a proud wife and wanted to do a little bragging again. thanks for listening and sharing in this exciting experiance. besided the excitement of a graduation and the ending of another chapter in our lives there was so more excitement and adventure that this weekend held, but i'll save that for a little later. i'm being called to get going. we're going out to dinner.