Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Crayon Valentine's Hearts

I pinned this on pinterest over two years ago. I just loved everything about it and considered making them with my son. every year for valentines day something else would come up for us to bring for his class. I knew I tucked it away for a reason. my four year old daughter is not in pre-school and we were able to make them for her class. I asked her if she wanted to separate the colors like in the blog post. she decided that she wanted to keep all of the colors together. (I liked her decision too)
what you will need for this activity:
cutting board
crayons (paper removed)
bowl or something to keep the broken crayons in
silicon heart shaped baking cups
glitter (optional)
card stock
baking twine
marker or stamps to write on the paper heart
first we gathered all of the broken and paperless crayon that I had been collecting for the past two years

i tried breaking them by hand but i couldn't get them small enough (or even broken for that matter)
so I grabbed a big knife and started chopping. I would scoop a bunch of chopped pieces in the pile and let my girly put them in the bowl
you will end up with a pretty colorful bowl of crayons

in Heather's blog post about her crayon hearts she mentioned that they decided to add some glitter to the bottom of the silicon hearts. (completely optional)
however when I asked my girly if she wanted to use glitter she was all about it.
(i think glitter is her favorite color)

Heather recommended using 1/2 a teaspoon of glitter in the bottom of the hearts. we sprinkled some in by hand for the first 6 and then quickly learned after they were done that we should have followed her recommendation of 1/2 teaspoon. so for the rest of the ones that we made that is what you did.
we filled the cups about 1/3 full of the chopped up crayons and
placed them in a preheated over at 300 degrees for 15min.
they took 20 minuets to cool and then they were ready to be popped out of the heart mold (very carefully)
I didn't have a die cut machine or anything but I had some pretty card stock and out church has a machine that I used to cut out these fun curvy hearts.
once I got them home I was eager to attach the heats to the hearts.  :)
I tried tying the bakers twine around the heart crayon and then attaching it to the paper but that didn't work. so I wrote "Color your heart out VALENTINE" on the paper heart and then wrapped the twine around the paper heart and the crayon heart to secure it. I will have my girly sign her name to the back of them closer to Valentine's Day.

it is never to early to start making your valentine's.
there are many other places on pinterest that has ways to melt crayon's.
Hot Car Crayons (a summer activity. I know here in the South it gets hot enough to melt crayons)
This one is great I love that they used bigger chunks of crayons
I think of all of the sayings that I have seen to put with the hearts, this one is my favorite
I also like how people put them in baggies with a tag on them. see one way here.

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  1. Oh, I love this! Putting the pressure on.