Monday, June 25, 2012

My Baby Sister's ABC Theme's Baby Shower

this weekend i helped host a baby shower for my little sister. one of her friends and bridesmaids from the wedding was gracious enough to have it at her house and did a ton of work in the pre-planning and setting up and food preparation that was needed, along with another friend/bridesmaids of hers. Tiffany did an awesome job on the lollipops in the front yard. we wanted to do an ABC themed shower and also incorporated some orange and blue as the colors of the shower. Tiffany and her sister made the framed letters that were at all the area's in the house, you will see more of them as you scroll through the post. the only one i left out the E is for eat, and eat we did. Tiff, Becca and Amy did an amazing job getting all the food together and prepared.
so Les is having a boy so B is for boy

Becca spent alot of time carving and getting this cute watermelon stroller ready to carry the fruit.  it was amazing.
D is for drink. This lovely blue pitcher was holding cold fresh cucumber and lemon water, one of Les' things that she has been drinking a ton of while she has been pregnant.
i searched for a lot of orange sherbet punch recipe's and Tiffany and Becca chose this one. It wasn't a disappointment either. it was amazing and super cute topped with these cute blue and white striped paper straws.

here are the cute mason jars filled with the yummy orange punch and topped off with the cute blue and white paper straws
so the theme was ABCs
Les pinned this one day and thought it would be fun for the guests of the baby shower to be assigned a letter to decorate baby boy's wall. so that is just what we did. the big b is for the diaper wreath shown below but notice the film reel. Becca had O and that is what she brought. awesome!

big B for diaper wreath
B book that i got for us to record the gifts in.

diaper wreath to hang on the hospital door

favors to take home
nut bracelets as another favor in the berry basket.
saw this tutorial online and thought it would be fun. my brother in law makes beach robots so this is perfect for ladies with a little boyish flair.
another cute idea and i got from here to tie in the ABC theme

it's hard to see the white dot garland hanging here but it is there along with a blue and orange bunting banner i ordered from this shop

orange and blue Oreo balls
oh my these where great
cupcakes that my mom made

a little more decor
my aunt Barbara had the U (horse shoe - so great)

oh and here is my amazing lovely, glowing little sister with her X made by her friend Meg

and my A that i got from this shop


  1. Oh how funny that I'm doing an ABC nursery, too, and I'm doing a lot of turquoise and orange too! What a great shower for the theme, loved seeing it!

  2. cool. the blue and orange aren't her room colors. she is going with neutral ones but the invitation that i picked out was the blue and orange so we went with that for color. she saw an abc wall online and tought it was be awesome for the babies room and special for family and friends to participate in gathering them

  3. Such a fun shower! I did a shower this weekend too for my sis in law. Love all your ideas and theme!