Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Always an Adventure

So we knew that Monday or Tuesday the Duct work team was coming out to replace the duct work under the house. Monday came and went and not one came. Yesterday I contacted the contractor and asked about if the duct work people were coming today. he said he would call and find out. apparently they were already at the house but we weren't there. i let the contractor know that we were aware that they were coming (we just didn't know when) and that they could get started. if they needed to get into the house for any reason we could make that happen. they didn't need in the house and got started.
i came home from work at lunch to find this, and lots of work going on in the crawl space.
by 330 they were done but not really done with the project. we had ac/heater unit for the evening. thankfully it was a milder weather evening for the end of January. 

however, at 3:30 in the morning i woke up to my hubby asking me if i smelled gas. i sniffed and sniffed but didn't seem to smell anything. i went to check on the kids. they were both breathing so i crawled back in bed to wait to see what my hubby found out.
he went out side and said that he smelled the gas really strongly there.
he called the utility company to let them know. they said that they would have someone out in an hour to check it and that we should vacate the property.

we called my mother in law and asked about coming over. it is times like these that i am thankful for living close to family. our only other option, as i was thinking about it was the waffle house. (which right now actually sounds yummy)

so we got the van started, went into the kids room and got them up with big blankets to keep them warm. they wanted to know what  was going on. I told Little girl that we were going on an adventure. 

we headed my in laws house. we all got situated in beds, (my hubby and i somehow sharing a twin bed for the next 2 hours.) i think we probably only slept for 20 min though. maybe waffle house wasn't such a bad idea. the kids were able to fall back asleep though so that was good.

when we got home we had a message from the utility company. the duct work crew had turned off the gas but where they disconnected it the pipe was left open and was leaking gas, what we smelled. (i did eventually smell that gas, by the way)

the utility company came and capped and locked the pipe and now we will need them to do an inspection before they will reconnect it.

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