Monday, February 27, 2017


her baby crib use to sit along this wall.
her room was painted and designed around the baby bedding that was mine when i was a baby.
we painted this little owl from the bedding print above the crib
when she moved into her big girl bed her desk went along this wall and she decided that she didn't really like the owl and we put a picnic basket on top of the desk shelf to hide the owl.
that door there is the doorway to her closet
it is a 24 inch opening and the closet is 61 inches long.
we asked the contractors if they could open up the wall so that we could access more of her closet

today the wall will be down
the wall that held her crib, her desk, the owl
now we will have better access to her closet
while this kitchen flood, that flowed into her room has been a head ache and a long process i am thankful for things like this, that we have always wanted done, to get done.

here is the other special wall in her room.

my hubby was not a fan of the fact that i wanted to paint a room in our little girls room blue.
i am so very glad that we did though. the other three walls were yellow and Little girls room has been one of my favorite rooms to be in. it was so fun and cheery.
this weekend i took down this tree and wiped the walls. they really needed it.
her walls will be painted soon. surprisingly enough little girl chose another shade of blue for all of the walls. 
i love that i have a little girl that knows what she wants and isn't afraid to paint the walls blue. she said she also wanted hot pink in the room too so we area hanging some hot pink curtains in her room. she also requested a window seat.
it will be fun to post the process of her room as we go along.
so sub-flooring is coming up today and looks like her floors will go in on Wednesday. it will be a three week process though. laying, sanding, staining, polyurethane and then waiting. 


  1. 3 more weeks for her floors?? wow. so where has she been sleeping since this all happened?! and are you able to use your kitchen to cook and stuff even though it is torn up? hang in there! glad you are able to be thankful in the midst of the chaos!

    1. It is unfinished flooring
      So they have to lay it
      Sand it
      Polyurethane it and then we wait for that to set before we can even walk-on it. Her bed is moved into Sawyers room. It has been in there for the last 60 days. We have been using the kitchen just fine up until today. Now we are kitchen less for probably two weeks.

  2. I've been following your process and silently sympathizing bc I understand - our previous house flooded and our hardwood had to be redone too! 😳 I wish someone had told us to do this, but we always said if Floor's ever had to be sanded IN our house again we would tape off every single vent and air return in the house first-even if it's in rooms where the doors are closed during the sanding process. That saw/sand dust gets in the vents and is almost impossible to clean!
    I can't wait to see your finished product!

    1. it has been a crazy time but super excited about the final product. thanks girl