Monday, January 23, 2017

Better view

I mentioned in my last post about the house that we had made a decision about the flooring. For the kitchen we are going with this Hickory flooring which will look like this.

in Little girls room we are going back with what she had. it is a 1 1/2 inch oak plank. the lady that we are working with has been very helpful. when we went to the store to make the decision on Friday she asked if our existing oak was white oak or red oak? we had no idea. she asked us to bring her some wood shavings from our floor and she would try to do a chemical test to see what type of wood it is.

I also had a sweet friend encourage me to enjoy the process. it is a lot to think about and i think i just don't want to make a decision about something just because i like it and it not really go with anything else. so i am thinking what we like and coordinating too. but i appreciate sweet friends that remind me of them fun of the process.

we have somewhat of a date for the cabinets too. it is the first week of March which i think is why we made the decision about going back with the original floors in Little girls room. they mentioned it taking three weeks because of the sanding and staining and then not being able to go in there for a few days because of it setting. 

decisions are being made and it is making me happy. now we just continue to wait.
Paint color is our next decision. oh and back splash. suggestions are welcome for back splashes.


  1. Yay!! Love seeing it all unfold!

  2. It's going to look so, so good! Your patience will pay off And I LOVE subway tile as a backsplash!