Wednesday, January 04, 2017

New Years Eve

Toddler New Years III
my husband affectionately came up with the name of toddler new years four years ago when we hosted the first one. We all missed one year so that is why we only have three in the books.
we joked last year that will we still be calling it toddler new years when the kids area all in middle and high school? the consensus was YES, we absolutely would. 

with the house a mess we were thankful to get out of the house for a few hours for some toddler new years.
i am thankful for my friend who has picked it up and hosted for the last two years

she does such a great job too with balloons to pop every hour and an activity counting down to the new year. we knew we wouldn't be able to make it with the kids till 12 but went ahead and went for a few hours.

6 o'clock was ice cream sundays
7 o'clock was a minute to win it game that the kids loved (check out the pictures below of them eating hanging donuts)
8 the kids did the limbo

we left after the 8 o'clock limbo.
i am sure there were some fun minute to win it games that we missed. my girlfriend does such a great job every year with this.

this girl has a song in her hear all the time and forever. she is always singing and i just love it

as the minuets ticked down to 2017 i went in and got a picture of the kids. their last picture of 2016.

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