Thursday, January 19, 2017

Something Fun

So for Christmas this year, one of Little girl's gifts was to get her ears pierced.
We were in New Orleans for Christmas spending time with my family so i wrapped up my baby earrings that i had my ears pierced with when i was 3 months old, and told her that we would go and get them done when we got home.

despite the craziness with the house i knew that we need to get her to get them done. i got everything lined up for her to have the pierced and this was her face when i told her that we were going that day. (this all happened on January 2nd) 

we headed up to get them done. she said that she had butterflies in her tummy. she was nervous.

the lady was very sweet with her. she marked her ear to show us where they would be placed.

here she is getting the first one done.

my niece had her ears pierced a few years ago and Little girl wanted her there to watch. 
i think she was pretty pleased with they way they turned out even though it hurt.

here is what she chose. i just love her cute little ears with earrings in.

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