Friday, January 06, 2017

One week down

One week down and our 2016 flood has flowed into 2017
things look somewhat the same but very different
almost all of the heaters/fans and dehumidifiers are gone or at least off. The only one left running is under the house.

we are waiting till the beginning of next week to find out about the asbestos testing. either way the "beautiful" flooring that is currently in my kitchen is coming up.

notice the dishwasher in the middle of my kitchen. it is not functioning right now so all of my dishes have to be hand washed. I am really excited for when a dishwasher is reinstalled and I can use it again. I mentioned to Little girl that I needed to do some dishes and she didn't understand. I told her that  I needed to wash dishes and she said well how are you going to do that with the dishwasher like that. I laughed and realized we never really hand wash anything. I told her I was going to wash them by hand. she said I know how to wash dishes. you rinse the food off of them and then you put them in the dishwasher.
oh how she cracks me up. oh how I need to have them help me hand wash some dishes.

this is the zipper entrance to her bedroom. the floors in her room are half up and half down. they are coming back beginning of next week when we hear back about the asbestos to finish that.

here is my counter top covered in those "hand washes" dishes.

I need to get a picture of our living room again. we were able to clear some of it out and I am surprised at what I have thrown away and the back of my van is loaded with stuff to take to the thrift store.
I don't see when the end in site is going to be but I know that it is going to be there. we meet with someone on Monday to talk about getting started on remodeling everything.
good out of the ugly. I am trying to hold on to that even though right now is a struggle. I also know that this is nothing in comparison to what most people are going through. Focusing on the blessings in hard times and how we can get through this in one piece.

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