Thursday, February 16, 2006

Three Things Thursday

post valentine's day tribute to valentine years past:

1. our first valentine's day together was when we were dating and we were poor college students. we went to mcdonalds and got the two big mac's for $2.22 and my hubby bought two plastic wine glasses and we had sparkeling grape juice and big mac's at the park. odd combination but memorable.

2. most of our valentine days since then haven't been so good. mainly because we were either sick or something else crazy happened. like the first year we were married we went to see a movie and then went to eat at the carribean restraunt. we waited for over 2 hours. why don't all restraunts take reseverations on valentine's day? by the time we were seated and got our food we were exausted from waiting and hunger so we ate in about 20 min and left, going straight home and to sleep.

3. this year we decided to celebrate after the fact, so we are going away for two nights this weekend to a hot springs resort. i'm very excited because i think for both of us it's a much needed break.

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