Thursday, March 23, 2006

Three Things Thursday

it's been quite a busy day. so i sat down to post my TTT and nothing was coming to me, so after checking out eveyone's TTT i decied to go with Megan's theme three tv shows that i never miss. now there are plenty of tv shows that i love but i guess here are my fave's:

1. gilmore girls: there's something about the easy banter that the 2 women in that show have that i just love. it caputred me from day one and i've caught every episode since. sometimes i even watch the reruns.

2. wildfire: this is a fairly new show that's in it's second season. it revolves around racing horses and that is pretty cool to me. my uncle does some racing horses and i remember going ot see them when i was younger so maybe that's why i really like it.

3. the office: this is a pretty new thing. i saw my first episode maybe 2 months ago and just loved it so since them my husband and i have been watching them and they just keep me laughing.

some of my other favorites are:
scrubs, smallville, survivor, seventh heaven, (what's up with the "s" named tv shows, weird) and just recently my husband taped the pilot episode of lost. he's already seen the 1st season and he is currently watching the 2nd season now but i didn't start watching with him. anyways, after watching the pilot episode i was hooked. so he was able to get me the first season on dvd from some friends so i will be able to catch up with him. i'm excited.

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