Monday, April 07, 2008


little guy has just found his Independence. well, at least that's what i'm going to call it. i count myself lucky to have had my cuddly boy for as long as i have. he's nearly 9 months old and it's just recently that once he's done with his bottle he's pushing out of my arms to get down. i know it's the next step and it's good because he's growing but that's just it he's growing up. he is still really cuddly for some nap times and when it's time to go to sleep though so that's still great times for me.


  1. All of the changes they go through are so exciting!

    I know that you are just enjoying him SO much!

    Have a great day!

  2. Hi Andy!
    Thanks for your nice compliment on my blog. I didn't realize you were a 'stalker'. You're welcome anytime.
    I love all the pictures. You must make the grandparents very happy.
    About independence... I have a little nugget I shared with my girls when they were pregnant... The only time your baby truly only needs you is in the womb. Once the umbilical cord is cut you are in the process letting go.
    Enjoy your little ones!

  3. I liked Marsha's nugget. I'm just letting you know that I DO read your blog - even though I don't comment much - hee, hee.
    Your 'little guy' is very cute. It is great to see you enjoying motherhood so much.

  4. I love that Princessa will still snuggle with me. Of course Little Man can't take a break from his cars!=)