Monday, June 09, 2008

Jail Bird

i need to get a picture of what he can do now. he can actually pull himself up and stand up in his crib. he is such a little climber. i wanted to get these pics posted quickly so i didn't get a chance to take out his red eye. he's so cute in these pics though. i love the first one with his eyes right above the bumper.


  1. Princess Abby is doing that now, too! ;) I love the look of the middles pic where you can only see one eye. So cute!

  2. i love these too. they were so cute. when i first saw him i walked in and asked him what he was doing and he rolled to his back and gave me the biggest smile. then i remembered that i needed to capture this in a photo so i ran to get the camera and snapped a couple. i'm sure he was wondering what i was doing.