Monday, October 20, 2008

New York Signs

i would have liked to see this one too.

this is for you cs

by far, the coolest toy store ever

one of the pizza restaurants that we ate at. someone at the hotel told us that it was the best ny pizza. it was pretty good too.

another favorite of mine

bad pic but this was the name of the hotel that we stayed in

~m saw this on broadway almost 10 years ago and said that it was amazing. when we lived in washington state we went to see it with some friends and it was so great. i had cold chills during the opening scene. if any of you loves plays this is a must see.

one of the views outside our hotel windows

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  1. it's cool that you enjoyed New York! I have been there but I would love to go back with Brock. I am at a different stage of life and I am interested in different things now!