Tuesday, November 25, 2008


i'll be gone for the next couple of days for thanksgiving and there will be no computer around to blog on so i am saying my "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" to all my blogging friends now.
eat lots
enjoy family and friends
and be thankful for family, friends, love, life and salvation.
just a few things that i am thankful for.
the list can go on but i won't you get the picture.
have a wonderful day.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Where are you going? I hope you'll be in NOLA for X-mas.

  3. Happy Turkey Day!

  4. Okay-so we live 45 minutes from each other now-let's hang out!!!

  5. Sam and allison- happy thanksgiving to you too.

    ~T- we went to meredian and met my parents half way. it was good to see them. we will be in nola for christmas. we get there on the 19th and stay through the sunday after christmas

    abbey-we drove through you city at the beginning of novermber on our way to rock city and thought of you. we do need to get together. are you guys moved in okay now?