Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Cards

Christmas is almost here and with it comes the fun treks to the mail box to see if any Christmas cards came that day. I love going to the mail box and finding the cards with the faces of my friends on them. I have found a few that i like at Shutterfly this year. Take a look:

Card #1

i like that your family initial can be in the center of the card...i love the color red in it.....and i love how it looks with the black and white pictures....also that you can put multiple pictures here....i always have a hard time choosing just one picture

Card #2

i like this card becaue you can write a little more on it so that friends and family know what has been going on with you in year 2010. it's a clever way to do a Christmas card.

Card #3

i like the colors in this card and the idea of adding your top 10 (whatever) of 2010. Cool!

there are alot more fun cards to choose from. these are just some of my favorites. they are having a great promotion, bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from shutterfly. follow the link below

and visit

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