Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tigger Ears

tomorrow is the big day
we will be getting little guy's tigger ears (a.k.a.) hearing aids.
we are thrilled and can't wait to see the look on his face when we frist put them in and he realizes that he can hear all that we are saying. it may not all go the way that i see in in my head but reguardless it's going to be quite the experiance. will be posting later tomorrow to give the update on how it went.
until then....


  1. jenn, this is so exciting! I'm so grateful that you guys were able to figure out that his hearing was off! Mama's intuition is always right!!
    I know this news comes with mixed emotions... excitement that he will be able to hear you and the world and begin learning how to say sounds that he's never been able to say; and I'm sure you will also be feeling emotions of sadness knowing that little guy has to wear hearing aids... something you probably thought you'd never be going through! But, God is good and he has awesome plans for Sawyer and HE WILL USE this for His glory!!
    love yall! Let me know how it all goes. I hadn't seen your post until today so this was the first I had heard!
    - Jenise

  2. thanks girl
    did you read the post that is like 2 or 3 down (new adventures) it tells more about us finding out. i'm sure you did.
    will post more here and on fb when we get them. nervous and excited