Sunday, June 26, 2011


this first picture is for theCrazyJoy challenge.

this weekend we had a baby shower for a friend of mine. it was a secret weather the baby was a boy or a girl. she found out last weekend at a shower with her family and she kept a secret from the rest of us for the last week. we had a pink and blue themed shower this weekend and her cake revealed boy or girl? take a look at some of the set up for the shower.

linds hadn't really been craving much but she had been eating a lot of cereal. we had four different types of cheerios and some granola cereal. people could eat it with milk or yogurt or plain.
jules made these cute baby passi's

half of the table was pink and half was blue. i wish i would have gotten a picture from the blue side. we even had pink and blue punch.

linds made her own cake so that she could hide the color of the frosting in the inside. she also made these cupcakes.

so here you go. baby j.crew is a boy. we are so very excited.

this was a big part of my weekend and i chose the first and the last pictures as my CrazyJoy:Mysterious post because it was a mystery to all of us if the baby was going to be a boy or a girl and there is something about pregnancy that is mysterious as well. it's amazing that these little human lives can grow and form and live inside of us for 9 months. it's a mystery as to what this little one will look like. a mystery as to their personality. pregnancy is a mysterious, wondrous thing.

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