Saturday, December 24, 2011

Blogging Through 2011...

this is the 6th year that i have done blogging through.....
i went to the first post of every month the wrote the first scentance or line from that post. (not the title...unless there is no text.)
i love looking back and remembering what the beginning of each month held.
here goes....

Janurary: Sweet Dreams by: Robin Jones Gunn

February: usually i post a picture of her looking right at the camera because her eyes are so amazing, but i just love this one

March: 9 months old

April: the only word to describe for how i am feeling today.

May: my hubby and i love to go to festivals.

June: paper....she is facinated with paper.

July: Webster says Liberty is: 1. the quality of state of being free a. the power to do as one pleases b. the freedom from physical restraint.

August: this is one of our favorite groups to "jam" to.

September: this is a photo of my grandparents on their wedding day,

October: it apperars that all of these people are just standing around watching the train that is passing, but in fact, they along with my family were attending the Madison Street Festival.

November: these two kids are the light of my life.

December: this is one of the things that we bought for little guy for Christmas and it is probably one of my favorite things too.

so there you have it Blogging Through 2011. What in the world will next year hold? We shall see.

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