Sunday, July 15, 2012

My boy

 5 year old Birthday Parrrrrrty

 4 year old Birthday Party

 3 year old Birthday Party

 2 year old Birthday Party

1 year old Birthday Party

 His Birthday

Five years ago today this tiny beautiful 2lb 14oz baby boy smiled at me, melted my heart and was brought into our lives. His joy for life, love of others, energy, enthusiasm, smile, eyes, sweetness, persistence, and love have been more that I could have asked for. Five years went way to quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was rocking his tiny 5lb body (his weight when he was finally able to come home) in my arms when in reality it was my 5 year old boy who asked me last night to rock him. What momma could turn that down. Really he wanted me to rock him. Same rocking chair, same lullaby. It brought me back to 5 years ago. Amazed, In Love, Honored that God chose me to be his momma, Loved, Humbled. I love you Baby Bugs my Little Guy.

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