Thursday, January 24, 2013


it's taken me a month to get back to the blog and type out the quotes from some of the books that i read last year but here they are. oh and i am lacking behind in my reading this year. 24 days into the year and still haven't completed one book.

"The mother heart within me is almost starved for heaven." Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

"God had knit us together like plantings in a garden-wild and unique above ground, blooming in different ways at different times, the roots untertwined deep beneath the soil."
-Heather Hampton in the book Blue Moon Bay by Lisa Wingate

"To open the book of another's life required great care, as the pages must be turned with delicacy and caution-but it is usually worth the effort." -Luke Crisps Diary from Lost December by Richard Paul Evans

"My father once said, 'The warrior who goes off to battle should not boast as the one who returns from it.' I realize now that I have only to boast of good people who held my shield when my arms were too weak and lifted me up when I was too tired to stand on my own." -Luke Crisps Diary from Lost Decemeber by Richard Paul Evans

and last but probably my favorite:

"Remember, God will never give you more than you can handle." 'People repeat this frequently, I heard it when I was growing up and I hear it now. It is meant to be a source of encouragement, and it would be if I believed it were true. But I don't. I believe God totally, absolutely, intentionally gives us more than we can handle. Because this is when we surrender to Him and He takes over proving Himself by doing the impossible in our lives.'  -Katie Davis from Kisses From Katie

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