Sunday, March 29, 2015

Adventure 13

first let me say that this last week was spring break so there was many adventures that happened and hopefully I can get some great pictures up of the adventures we had but this adventure is not a family adventure it is one just for me.

I wish that this post had pictures to go with it, well maybe not. this adventure is a work out adventure. I bought a groupon for a local gym/studio that a bunch of my friends have been going to and have really enjoyed. I have never been a part of a gym or anything like that. the only group exercising that I have ever really participated in was in high school. I was on the dance line and in the summer we had dance camps and training where we did lots of aerobics and exercising. that was quite a while ago. I was also intrigued by the classes because they offer some of the barre classes and I have always wanted to take some of those. my first two classes were the barre classes. then I took a mash up of a bunch of different things and then something called torch and boy am I sore from that but I was good and pushed me.

I go back this week for another barre class and another torch. maybe I am crazy, maybe not but I am ready to be in better shape than I am in. it is scary and exciting. group classes like this intimidate me but so far I am being brave and hopefully doing well.

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