Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Adventure 44

So we took the kids camping this weekend but this adventure is not going to be about the camping trip, it is more going to be about a specific event on our camping trip.
while camping we made a trip into Gatlinburg. we were going there to trick or treat with the kids. we went trick or treating 6 years ago. I blogged about that trip here
we went trick or treating on the strip (we didn't even know that they did trick or treating there, and we had so much fun) my hubby has been saying that when Halloween fell on a Saturday again he wanted to make a trip there. this was the year. again that isn't the adventure that I want to blog about, but hopefully I will get around to blogging those pictures.

the adventure that I want to post is out adventure on the ski lift.
we honeymooned in Gatlinburg, we have been to Gatlinburg many, many times since we have been married, but I can never remember riding this ski lift. I texted with my mom asking her if we had and she thought that we had but my dad couldn't remember ever going on it so my mom said that maybe it was there when she was a girl and she remembers going on it from when she was little.
the kids wanted to go on it do badly. we were not going to go because the price was insane. $55 for all four of us to go.
granny and papa had given them $10 each so we told them that if they really wanted to go that they could put the $10 up for the ride.
there was no hesitation, they were ready to ride it.
we paid the money and got on. Little girl rode with me and Golden boy rode with Michael.
it wasn't until I got on and there was no getting off the I was a little freaked. to be honest going up wasn't all that bad but I had my arm wrapped around Little girl and she was gripping on to me as well.
we went over the river
and then after paying the $55 to ride it when we got to the top they wanted us to buy a photo that they took of us as we were coming up the mountain.
um, no thanks
but the view on top was beautiful

I put the camera round little girls neck and had her snap this picture of us

then it was time to go down. if I thought going up was bad this was worse
my hubby asked me if I could turn around and snap a picture of he and Golden boy.
UM, NO WAY!!!! not happenin'
I told him that when we got lower I would try and snap one.
this was my attempt to hold up the camera and try to get a picture of the two of them.
I had a death grip on the side pole
little girl decided that she didn't want my arm around her and that she didn't want to hold onto me either.
I was crazy scared, it would have been a comfort to have my arm around her, but I let her sit untouched.
she did occasionally reach up and hold on to the bar.

here we were pretty close to the bottom and I turned around and got his picture of the two of them

here are the ones from my phone

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