Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What I learned in August.....

I have linked up with Emily P Freeman for a few months now posting What I learned in.......
here is my August one

1. back to school time is bitter sweet
i feel like it am so ready for them to get back to school and then i find that i miss them a ton. either way they are both doing great in school, my son has new found love for school and we could not be more pleased with the teachers that they each got this year. Thankful for it all.

2. ice cream is cheaper than therapy
i have really struggled with a few things this past month and i happen to come across this shirt. I need it in my life. I searched for something similar on my favorite tshirt site Look Human. i was surprised to find how much is cheaper than therapy. just check out this list of tshirts that have things listed that are cheaper than therapy. WHY KNEW?!?!?

3. i love supporting friends on the mission field
We have college friends that are missionaries in Papua New Guiena. I love that we can partner with them and support them while they are away from home. Here is a link to their Booster page, with one day left to help support them and celebrate with them on two years there.

4. finding beauty in my days
just sitting in carline and this beauty landed on my van. the beauty in the mundane.

5. reading books that challenge and push me.
I finished Rising Strong by Brene' Brown and really loved every second of it.

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