Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Coffee Station

I have always wanted a coffee bar area in the kitchen.
when we thought we would do a china cabinet build along this wall i factored one into there

this dresser was my grandmothers and she promised it to me one day
it has been living in my parents house for the past few years
my mom ended up moving it into her kitchen and used it as a coffee bar
she promised me that it was still mine she was just using it for now
once the kitchen was pretty much done i asked her if i could get it and set it up
this is how it all looked once i got it moved it and the coffee pot and items on it

i added a mug rack to the wall

and then i started looked at marble cutting boards to sit the coffee pot on.
at thanksgiving my dad he a huge piece of marble that he was saving for an outside countertop
Golden boy was trying to get in the shed one morning and knocked the piece down.....it cracked
my mom said it had been at the lake house forever so not to worry about it. that dad could get another piece. i asked him if he could break a chunk of it smaller so that i could put my coffee pot on it 
he took a hammer to it around the edges to get to my guesstimated size and the ran a sander along the edges to make them somewhat smoother

i just love the way that it came out
the second picture shows it a little better

now i just have to decide what else to put on the wall above my new coffee bar
i really want a shelf and these are the ones that i am leaning towards

Choice #1 (in the wood color)

Or just buying an unfinished raw wood edge shelf and metal brackets

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