Thursday, November 24, 2005

the end...

we had a fun filled day yesterday strating with hanuma bay. here we were able to snorkle and see many colorful fish. then we went to another beach and michael did some snorkling but i just relaxed on the beach. it was a quiet beach and the sun wasn't out full blast so there was a nice wind blowing. i got my relax on the beach time. then we were going to go back to hanuma bay but got side tracked by the big waves on sandy beach. here michael played in the big waves while i took pictures and watched the other people playing, surfing, and boogie boarding. then we came home went shopping at the mall and had some dinner. it was a busy and fun day.

today we are planning on hiking diamond head, checking out of our hotel, heading for the north shore to check out the waves, and leaving to go home. but first to start our day we are at michaels uncle john's house and he and his wife jennifer are making us a yummy breakfast of sweet potato waffles, hawaiian sausage, and exotic fruit. mahalo and aloha.

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