Tuesday, November 22, 2005

the middle...

we are at the middle point of our trip and having a great time. yesterday we woke up and ate breakfast at a place called the oceanarium. it was a place that had an aquarium wall 3 stories high and we sat there next to it and had breakfast. then we got ready and headed to pearl harbor. what an amazing site. from there we headed north stopping at the dole plantation to get some pineapple whip which was somewhat like ice cream only better because it was non-dairy and micheal was able to eat it. we waliked around there some to see how the pineapples grow. we were both amazed to know how they grew because we thought they grew on trees but they grow from the ground. you learn something new every day. then we headed to the north shore. we found a spot in between sunset beach and pipeline where we relaxed and played in the water. then we watched the sunset on sunset beach and got some amazing pictures. i'll try to post them later when we get them on a cd.

today we woke up really early (5:00 a.m.) and a van picked us up to take us to the west side of the island for a dolphin excursion. we and 20 other passengers, a captain, 2 crew and a photographer went out in a speed boat rafe type thing to swim with dolphins. we were worried about how the day would pan out because it was really cloudy and rainy out. we headed out on the boat in search for the dolphins. they were not where to be found but we had a great boat ride looking for them. finally we stopped got rain coats on because captian ale said we were headed into the storm to find the dolphins. there actually wasn't much rain but we did find the dolphins. here we learned some amazing things about dolphins before jumping in with them. more to come on the dolphins later. we got our fins, mask and snorkle on and slid in the water to see the dolphins. they were never close enough to touch (we weren't allowed to though) but we could see them swimming below us. we also saw a sting ray swimming on the bottom of the ocean floor. after our dolphin swim they took us to one other place where we jumped in again and were able to see sea turtles. that was fun. there were 3 of them swimming on the ocean floor. we also got to see a baby octypus because the camera man (chuck) was holding it. and it inked which was funny. it was a busy morning so our afternoon was just eating a late lunch and resting in the hotel because it was rainy here in waikiki.

we are having exciting times and adventures. stay tuned more to come.

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