Saturday, December 01, 2007

Calling All Moms

so i want to explain what is going on with my boy and what you think about it.......

saywer went to the doc for his 4 month shots on friday and he weighs 10lbs 14oz. (YEAH FO THAT WE ARE SO EXCITED) he's getting so big and the nurse was surprised at how much he had grown lenght wise. she said that he grew 4 inches in 2 months. (I GUESS THAT'S GOOD) he still looks small to me, but i love it.

he slept through the night last nigh, for the first time. he went from 1030 to 630. we were thrilled. though it may have been from the shots and the tylenol. i guess we'll find out tonight.

my biggest concern now is that he hasn't pooped in a couple of days. we started him on one bottle of formula a day the day after thanksgiving and we did that for 3 days then we went to 2 bottles of formula a day for 3 days and then 3 bottles of formula a day and i did 3 bottles for one day and then yesterday he only got 2 bottles of formula and i noticed that he wasn't really pooping. today i only gave him one becuase it's been over 48 hours since he's pooped. he doesn't seem like he's uncomfortable or constipated and he's happy when he's awake too but i'm concerned. we are now going to do just breast milk until he poops again. and hoping that the breast milk helps him to get the poop out. what do you guys think about that? is that sometimes normal? HELP!!!


  1. Whoa! All I have to say is get ready for one BIG blowout! :) Other than that, I'm not much help ... I'm one of those kooky moms that didn't use formula with my boys thus far.

  2. I *think* that I've read before that sometimes the iron in formula can cause a little constipation... although something is also telling me that I may have heard that was a myth (some help I am, huh?). ;)

    What I do remember, because we also did a mix of breast milk and formula, is that the changes in between the two would tend to stop them up and I would be obsessively worried about it. I never did have to give them an enema or anything to help that out. I remember hearing something about putting a little caro syrup in their bottles (I think) to help things out a bit. Don't go on my word- I'm tired and in the last stages of pregnancy so my brain is a little fuzzy! I would google it or go to the message boards on to see if there's something a little more informative out there!

    Sorry to not be much help, but I do want to say that I've been there, and I do remember exactly how worrisome that can be!

  3. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Elliya always slept good after a shot.

    It is common for their bowel habits to change once they are on formula. You could ask about Soy formula. I'd suggest calling and talking to a nurse just for peace of mind. That is what they are there for! I know when E started having poopy issues in the last 1-2years our doctor recommended low fat milk products...that makes me think you could try switching formulas or maybe it's just a matter of his body getting used to it.

  4. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Call Cori and ask her. If she doesn't know right off the bat, she'll find out. Love you.

  5. with all of my babies-we sorta went back and forth with formula-and without fail-they would stop up when getting used to it. Lots of breat milk will help push it out-and even though it's gross-if you eat prunes-or lots of fruit-it will get to him-a natural diuretic:) But as noted above-be prepared for a serous blowout. And I wouldn't be too worried-especially since he's not frustrated by it. Also-sometimes babies go through stages where they don't poop as much-because they are having growth spurts. So he may just be growing, and needing all that nutrition and can't spare any for the poopin:)
    Good Luck!

  6. The iron in formula can really back them up. James always had problems with that. On day 2 without a BM we would give him a ounce of prune juice with a ounce of water. If he wouldn't take that just mix it with his formula to dilute the taste. I would stay away from the soy unless your doctor says. There have been some studies showing it isn't very healthy for babies. The constipation is TOTALLY normal-prune juice should do the trick. We still give it to James at times. Just get on top of it before too many days pass. If one "dose" isn't enough (after waiting 12 hours to kick in) give him another. Good luck! Oh, and have lots of wipes on hand! =)

  7. I just remembered we used to give Em a teeny bit of apple juice (like, 2 oz- at the most-when she was really little) to help out that whole situation. ;)

    I've also heard about the soy thing... we were all drinking soy for a while, and I did soy formula for a little bit with Em, but we ended up taking her off of it. Her doctor said it wasn't the cause of her constipation. There is some research out there that shows some support that it's not great for small babies, esp. boys, but you can always talk to your pediatrician to see what they think about it.