Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Thanks to all....

...for the poop advice. after a karo syrup, a warm bath, and a qtip to stimulate the butt to poop i called the doc and he said to give him an ounce of apple juice every 12hours. so on my lunch break yesterday i got some apple juice. my biggest thing was i didn't want him to have a lot of sugar. luckily there was no added sugar so i'm guessing it was just the sugars in the apples. anyways i gave it to him at 6:00 last night and he took it like a champ. i think he really liked it. he should mommy and daddy like apple juice. :) anyways, once i gave him his milk he pooped. i just thought that it would be one little turd but come to find out it was a pretty good bit. it made it up his back on his onsie and one his pants. i just wanted to thank everyone for their words of advice and encouragement. i know that i am not alone in things like this but sometime is sure feels like it until i hear from all of you guys. i'm happy to know that baby constipation is a normal thing. just learning. thank again.


  1. you probably already know this, but I just gotta put my 2 cents in - water the juice down - it cured my fear of rotten teeth, and it made me feel thrifty. I still water down our juice...

    Andrew was constipated quite a bit as an infant. We did the karo syrup, warm bath, qtip trick, apple juice, prunes and whatever tricks the nurses/docs/grandmothers/people on the side of the street gave.

    I did think of this later after I read your previous email the other day...Andrew got that problem when we went on long road trips (I suppose from sitting alot?) I didn't remember reading if y'all traveled a bit over Thanksgiving...

    babies are wonderful and weird, aren't the?

    LOVE YOU!! and, I love the pics you've posted! Such a gorgeous family!!

    anyway, glad he pooped!! this has been a long comment. sorry!

  2. Girl, I still feel that way... I always appreciate hearing from others on things so I don't feel so alone. :)

    Glad that all that worked for you! We water down all of our juice still too. Not big into the sugar thing either.

    Hugs! Glad you figured out that little hurdle!

  3. Isn't it good to know that when they are 13 we will be learning what it is like to have a 13 year old and we will be calling all our mom friends saying, "Okay, so he likes this girl, but should I let them group date or is he too young?"

    Oh, and we still do the 1/2 juice 1/2 water thing for C too. He doesn't know the difference!

  4. a wise bible college scholar and her roommate once told me that...

    coffee makes you poop.

  5. Yeah for poop!! Isn't it great what you become obsessed with when you are a mommy?

  6. alli- glad you like the pics. thanks for the advice about the water and juice mix i'll try that next time.

    virginia-it really is great having friends to call on. even if it's only through blogging. thanks for everything. i'm glad we can go through it together through blogging.

    amber-don't make me think about 13. i don't want him to ever get there but i know that it will happen. i tell him that his lips are so pretty and all the girls are going to want to kiss them but they can't

    doug-coffee does make you poop but i can't give him that. i would have if i could.

    mia-mommy hood is great and yeah for poop is right too. he even went some last night.

  7. Who would have thought you would be so thrilled over poop!!! But it is a good thing he did it on his own (with your help)Enemas and suppositories are no fun! For any one!! Yay for poop!!!

  8. I'm glad you got him to poop! I just saw both posts but even if I saw the "Calling all Moms" sooner I wouldn't have been any help. Both of my boys poop 3-4 times a day! I know it's hard not to worry but at least when he's pooping less you're changing less diapers!

  9. Glad it's all working out!! I know how hard it is as a new parent--not sure how to handle certain things. (btw, by the third child, you just pretty much let them get away with everything and nothing gets sterilized! ;-)