Wednesday, February 06, 2008


my mother in law has super spidey sences. even though she sleeps with a fan on that sounds like a wind tunnel in her room she still manages to hear the tornado sirens going off.
this is when she puts on the news and calls us at 3:37 in the morning.
we sleep with a wind tunnel in our room too, but we've lowered the noise some since having the baby, but we were so out last night that we must have thought the tornado siren was more white noise.
so at 3:37am we get up, turn on the tv, watch and wait.

my hubby is standing, arms folded probably thinking...
how cool a potential tornado
i wonder if i can go out and watch it
i would love to be a storm chaser
but i guess i'd settle for a weather man
the man is obsessed with the weather.

i'm sitting on the bed thinking...
they better give me enough warning to go grab the baby
where are we going to go in the house
i guess close all the bedroom doors and sit in the hallway
if it gets really bad we could all crawl into the hall closet (it's pretty deep)
maybe the bathtub would be better
but there's a window in there

my parents are visiting us so they were awake too.
i could see my mom sitting there thinking...
can i just go back to bed already

and my dad wakes up, goes to the bathroom, watched the weather for about five mon and says, "well if it's gonna take me, it's gonna take me." and goes back to sleep.

all of this happening and here is what little guy was doing....

babies are so sweet. i love how peaceful they can be.
well we all managed to make it back in bed at 4:00am, only to wake up again, to lightening and thunder at 4:30am, a coughing baby at 5:00am and then my alarm clock at 6:30am. sweet, sweet, sleep where are you?

praises though that there wasn't a tornado.


  1. It scares me how much M and S are alike! S does the same thing anytime there is a catastrophic event.
    "Hey, honey! Come look at this! They're showing this map and the wind is gusting at 150 miles per hour!"

    I do love it when babies sleep on their backs like that.

  2. Anonymous6:38 PM

    I love the hands!!!! He looks like a little man just relaxing!!!! I hope yall are doing good. I miss yall. Give Sawyer my love. love yall, kate

  3. I'm glad you all are okay! S is so cute.

  4. One thing I need to work on is getting woken up when I'm not anticipating it. When I have a newborn and I expect to wake every few hours, I'm totally fine, but if a child or something else wakes me up when I'm not planning on it I'm not such a nice mommy! I'm glad it didn't end up being anything serious for you guys!