Saturday, February 23, 2008


i'm still here after being m.i.a. for a week. last week my boss went to a seminar and we had that whole week off. which was great for me because i got to spend the whole week with my little guy. it was so much fun.

we read, played, sang, went to the mall, napped, cooked, laughed and started feeding him carrots this week and he loves them. next week we are on to sweet potato's. it was a really great week.

this kid is getting bigger and bigger. i can't believe he was the 4lb baby that we brought home 6 months ago. he's now probably 14lbs. we'll find out on thursday when the exact weight is.

there isn't many times that i see the preemie in him but for some reason this week he decided to wake up two nights in a row, in the middle of the night. so after trying to get him back to sleep and failing i went and made him a bottle. while i was feeding him and looking down into his beautiful face and shadows in the room were cast on his face and he looked like the tiny baby that we brought home and i just remembered back to those days and smiled.


  1. He is such a cutie... can't wait to meet him in person!! He is now about the same age Holden was on that trip to NC....when he just screamed the whole 5 hours there!!!

  2. we may be coming to bham in may. i'll let you guys know the weekend when i find out.