Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Much Awaited Bday Pics

this is him exhausted after eating all the frosting which was so so good.

he was obsessed with the balloon hanging from his high chair. oh and my hubby has frosting on his face because he mistakenly put his face to close to the cake while talking to little guy and his brother ran across the kitchen and smashed his face into the cake.

here are the much awaited birthday boy pictures. i can't say that he dove enthusiastically into his birthday cake but he did enjoy it. after i got his hands into it he sucked the frosting off of his fingers like the frosting on his fingers was all the frosting that he was going to get. it was cute.


  1. Happy Birthday!! Looks like he loved the cake.

  2. Oh my word! He's is just the perfect blend of you two! It's going to be so great keeping up via blog!

  3. GREAT pictures!! Some of my faves are of little ones digging into their cake!!