Monday, August 04, 2008


last week with little guy was something else. he was so temperamental. just not my happy baby boy. he did have his happy moments but the bad seemed to out weigh the happy ones. yesterday was very interesting. he decided to wake up at 5:40am.

after struggling to get him to go back to sleep we decided to feed him a bottle. after he sucked down the bottle he still wasn't happy. he didn't want to go back to sleep. i got up with him and let m- sleep a little longer, hoping to catch a nap later on in the day. at 7:30am i brought him to his dad and crawled into bed. my two guys decided to go for a walk while i caught some zzzzzzzz's. an hour later they were arriving back home and little guy was out. he fell asleep on their walk home. m- put him into bed and he slept for and hour and a half.

at 10:00am. we heard his little peeping voice. we heard it twice and the thump and lots and lots of crying. we rushed into his room. my hubby got there before me and he was laying face down on the floor. we picked him up and tried of comfort him and i made sure there was nothing broken, bruised or bleeding. he was perfect. there was not a think on him. not even a bump. just lots of crying. the kid can't even walk yet and he's crawling out of his bed. what in the world? we don't know what we are going to do. there is something at babies r us that is called a crib tent that we thought about buying but at 80 dollars for mosquito netting is crazy. so that hubby went on ebay and found some that we will be purchasing this week sometime. probably tonight. as for now his room is set up like a launch pad. we drug that mattress from the spare bedroom into his room and put it in front of his crib and then we put pillows and stuff on the sides of the crib. hopefully he won't do that again but i'm sure that he will.

in other news i got a new book from the library. thank goodness because i was bookless and that is not a good thing to be. i got Twilight by Stephanie Meyer and i love it. i can't put it down. i'm about half way through and i just can't even imagine what is going to happen. how can a character in a book enchant you? well edward has. i see what bella is going through. can't wait to get to the end.


  1. He is already crawling out of his crib-what a little monkey! I'm glad my kids haven't figured that out yet. I hope to keep them in their cribs until they are at least 10! =)

  2. How scary. I've heard of people moving their kiddos to toddler beds once they start climbing out. Elliya never did that and she was in her crib until she was 2. Hope you find something that works and you can sleep peacefully.

  3. sam-yeah i couldn't believe it too. i was hoping to keep him in there for awhile too. argh!

    care-in- we had people suggest putting him into a real bed but he can't walk yet and i don't think that i can get him to understand that he has to stay in his bed until we come and get him. he's still to young. we are still looking into the crib tent. i'm hopeful. :)

  4. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Awww! Poor little guy! We've had a couple of falls like that too. Noah recently fell off Becca's bed the other day (let me think how he got up there?)!

    You should be able to keep him in his crib. Try this... put him in his crib and sit down on the floor on the other side of the room and play with some of his favorite toys. Make it look like a lot of fun! (make sure you get M to take pictures of you playing... i want to see)! :) Then see what he does. Does he start to climb? Is he getting a good footing anywhere? are there any bumper pads he can use as a step stool? You might have done it already, but make sure his mattress is as low as it will go.

    I'd try that, see what he does. He may have forgotten how to do it. It could have been a fluke. Noah started climbing the bars of his crib like a monkey a few months ago, but I told him firmly "no" when he tried, and he hasn't since. (knock on wood!) Keep the mattress on the floor for a few days and see if it happens again.

  5. Anonymous1:36 PM

    I like the idea of sitting on the floor and then using the firm "No" when he tries to climb as Ashley suggested...or even Michael's technique for keeping him off the stone by the stove.
    Love, Honey

  6. Anonymous2:03 PM

    I wish we lived closer too! I laughed about him waking up and deliriously crawling around before he's fully awake. We have one who does that, except she sings instead. It's hilarious!

  7. Oh, you will LOVE all the Twilight books. You know that the fourth one in the series just came out this month. My husband and I have loved them all.

    It's crazy how some kiddoes climb out of the beds. You've got a real monkey on your hands it sounds like!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. C climbed out of his bed when he was 1 1/2 YO. Your little monkey got a head start on mine! LOL We had some friends who used the crib tent and it worked perfect. She would probably still be in it except that she is 4 and has a little sister who needed the crib... :)