Monday, August 18, 2008

Crib Tent

so we got the crib tent that we bid on, on ebay. it was half the price that we would have paid for in the stores so i thought that was good. we got is all set up this weekend and last night was the first night that little guy was able to sleep in the crib with the new tent. we removed the launch pad that we had set up just in case he jumped out again (which never happened).
this morning when i went to get him he was kneeling in the crib (i'm not sure if he figured out how to stand up in it yet) and when i unzipped it he was kneeling there saying mamamamama. it was so sweet. i'm just glad that we have something to keep him in his crib for a while longer.


  1. Well, there's another thing they've created just since Scout was born. I've never heard of a crib tent. But it sounds cool!

  2. Hi! Twilight comes out in Nov. sometime.... we should get together to see it... That would be fun!

  3. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Do they make those crib tents for a twin bed? I could use a couple of them!!! :)

    Sagan is my brother's baby. The name is actually a translation of the Korean name "Sae Kwon" which means "great strength." My sister-in-law's family is from Korea.

    BTW, if you leave a comment on my blog, and I want to respond to it, does it e-mail you and let you know that I responded? Or is it something that you just have to go back and check on? I was going to respond there only, but I wanted to make sure you got the reply. I'll also reply on my blog so people don't think I ignore the comments. lol

    We Miss You Guys!!!!!

  4. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Oops. Sagan is actually just his english name. They got the name from the scientist, Carl Sagan. Sae Kwon isn't the same name in Korean. It's just another name. Better get it right, huh? :)