Sunday, August 31, 2008

Prayers Please

crazy times. little guy and i had plans to come to nola to visit my family on thursday august 28th. even though we knew that gustav was coming we were hopeing for it to turn. asside from coming to see my parents i was really looking foward to seeing my grandparents and having little guy see my grandparents. it will be my papaw's 75th birthday in a couple of days and we were excited to spend it with him. he said that not many people get hurricane's for their birthday so he felt special. :) totally kidding of course. :)

anyways, we did leave for nola on thursday and we got there around 6ish. then on friday after spending the day with mom we decided to come to mississippi to some friends house that didn't have any damage from katrina and stay there. it was good thing that we left on friday night (there was no traffic, a blessing from God, since we were traveling with little guy who hadn't been feeling well). on saturday it was crazy the amount of people coming out of nola. the traffic that we watched on tv was crazy. there were people that we spoke with that took them over 5 hours to just get out of the city. i can't imagine that.

so for now we are staying here in picayune with some friends. we have no desire to get out on the interstates and be stuck in major traffic with a baby. i just ask that everyone pray. i feel like we are safe here and that is the most inportant thing, stuff isn't. but i remember the heartache and frustration that my parents and so many, many other people went througt after katrina and i can't imagine them having to go through this all over again. it seems like my parents just got the house all fixed from three years ago for them to have to go through it again. then there are the people just 4 houses down from them, who no lie their fema trailer was being picked up on thrusday when get got into nola. how crazy is that.

so just pray, pray, pray, please. sorry this is such a long post but i wanted to get it all in and let everyone know that we are safe. i'm just missing my sweet hubby and i'm sure baby boy is missing him too. he loves his so much.


  1. How are you guys? Any damage????

  2. I tried calling you on your cell. I'm glad to hear you guys are okay. How are your parents holding up?

  3. I just really feel for everyone down there. To have to go through this again so soon after Katrina. Thank goodness, though, it doesn't look like the damage was too awful. I'm praying that you guys made it through okay!