Saturday, January 01, 2011

Books read in 2010...

Sweet Dreams-Robin Jones Gunn
A Promise is Forever-Robin Jones Gunn
Treasury of Miracles for Friends-Karen Kingsbury
Witch on the Water-Christene and Ethan Rose
The Lucky One-Nicholas Sparks
Belong to Me-Marisa DeLos Santos
Girls in Pants(the 3rd Summer of the Sisterhood)-Ann Brashares
The Handmaids Tale-Margaret Atwood
The Last Song-Nicholas Sparks
The Five People you Meet in Heaven-Mitch Albom
Baby Wise (second time through)-Gary Ezzo
Love and Respect-Emmerson
Take One-Karen Kingsbury
Take Two-Karen Kingsbury
Take Three-Karen Kingsbury
Take Four-Karen Kingsbury

16 books
no nearly close to the 52 that i read last year
reading more books
something to try to do for 2011

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