Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tigger Ears

i am a total blogger slacker over a month after getting little guy's tigger ears i am finally posting a picture.
oh well at least i managed to get it posted.
he's really good about wearing them even though he protests ever time it's time to put them in.
he tells me "no tigger ears" but then he sits there very still and lets me put them in.
that's him though.
i ask him, "do you want oatmeal?"
he says, "no oatmeal." then follows that statement with "i want oatmeal."
it's exauting and funny at the same time.


  1. Aw, they look so cute. I really hope they are working well and allowing him to hear well! So funny about saying "no" and then asking for the same thing. :-)

  2. Eli changes his mind a lot in a matter of a short time too. It usually frustrates me because I want to get the task done (getting whatever he wants). It has helped some to wait a bit longer while he processes to let him finish before I act. The tigger ears are adorable. I'm glad they are helping him. :)