Wednesday, May 04, 2011


my hubby and i love to go to festivals. spring or fall it doesn't matter. if we don't have plans we and there is one going on, we are there.
this weekend we went camping with some friends and on the way home from the camping trip we stopped in south Pittsburgh, Tennessee. there were yellow signs on side of the interstate for the National Cornbread Festival. never heard of it and definitely had never been to it so my hubby looked over and me and smiled. i knew that we would be stopping.

once we entered we were amazed at how great it was. we had such a good time. there was cornbread to taste (lots of it and unusual and fun kinds) the bacon, jalapeno, ranch was our fave. we were surprised at how big it was, and how well of a job that they did on keeping it clean. there were a lot of youth that were making sure the trash was empty and everything looking nice. it was great. we knew that we would be coming back next year for the event.

i was very upset that i didn't have my camera with me while there but little guy slept the whole time and baby girl just took in the sights. the photo above, of our cornbread pan, stamped hand is it for pictures. shows we were there, right?!?! for me i was amazed with the porta potties. strange i know but they had a woman's and men's section and in the woman's there were silk flowers in the urinal (no need to have a urinal in the woman's one but i understand they they come all made the same) and then there was some silk vines hanging behind the seat part. it made it look nice (for a porta potty) and they had a flower scent to them so you didn't have an overwhelming scent of pee when you walked in. all in all, we were very impressed with the festival and are excited to go back next year.

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