Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day of PreSchool

my boys first day of pre-school was yesterday. we ate breakfast and got ready to go. there was no protesting like i thought and he walked into the school ready to go. he got to see one of his friends but they aren't in the same class. when we walked into the class room he dropped his lunch on the floor and tried to make an exit. i reminded him to pick up his lunch (he was proud of his lunch box) and when he turned his back i made my exit. didn't get a phone call from the teachers saying to come get him to i figured he was having a great day and he did. when asked what he did at school he said, played, prayed and ate dinner. he is so awesome. i love this kid


  1. Hi Andy! Thanks for stopping by and for your comment! Your boy is so sweet-sounds like he did well on his first day! My oldest calls lunch dinner too :)

  2. Vesta7:23 PM

    Love this! I cant help but notice his name and his hearing aids! my sons name is andrew and also wears hearing aids! I am looking at pre school posts because my son starts preschool tomorrow! id love to chat if you would like, my email is